Josh Lye

Josh Lye

A member of the Our Better World team, coming in second last in a triathlon is Josh’s claim to athletic fame (the last person to finish, who was just 100m behind him, ran the entire 10km without shoes).

These days, the recovering journalist, endeavouring father and aspiring retiree only “runs” around the park with his wife and seven-year-old son.

Our Better World tells stories to touch the heart, challenge the mind and spark the soul; inspiring stories of people changing the world in big or small ways, and who invite us to do something ourselves.

We’re thrilled to be supporting Ming, Carolyn, Mike and Sky, as well as the Soundball blind tennis team and their sighted running buddies, as they run in the Standard Chartered Marathon this year.

We hope more runners who are already doing the hard part - training and racing in different events - will raise funds while they’re at it.

    Article(s) by: Josh Lye

  • Running for Children with Special Needs


    Sports enthusiast Ming runs for health, to de-stress and to feel free. He also runs to help autistic children, telling Our Better World that it not only “feels good to do something for someone that you don’t know”, it adds a motivational boost to his running. Koh Ming Hao is a serious sports enthusiast. Running…

  • Running To Help Children Smile


    Born with a cleft lip, Mike Cheong knows what it’s like to be the butt of people’s jokes. The 29 year old public relations consultant is grateful for his family’s financial and emotional support to help him through numerous procedures when he was a child. He tells Our Better World that many cleft lip kids…

  • Sky Khoo: Going Beyond Competing


    Sky Khoo is your runner’s runner, with multiple races under his belt and a determination to keep going faster. This year, he’s using his Standard Chartered Marathon run to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He tells Our Better World why running is not always about competing, and explains how running principles apply to life in general….

  • Cancer Survivor Keeps On Running


    Carolyn Soemarjono walked a half marathon just weeks after chemotherapy to raise funds for the cancer society. This year, she’s running. “Cancer has slowed me down, but has not stopped me.” That’s the message Carolyn Soemarjono had pinned to her top as she set off on a half marathon in Singapore last year. She could…

  • Running Blind: Wai Yee Dreams Big


    Wai Yee and her six friends are running in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore in December. They’re a bit nervous. Not because they’re blind, but because this is their first big running event and most of them just started running regularly a few months ago. But they’re keen, and have been training hard with their…