Chow Yong Jun

Chow Yong Jun

I am a writer by day, an athlete by night. I love running at night because the streets just become so quiet and peaceful. My active lifestyle includes running, swimming and a passion for soccer. I have completed a few marathons and I enjoy other races like biathlons and urbanthlons. The only reason why I don't do triathlons is bikes are too expensive!

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  • Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2014: Fun to be Tough


    Every year, I try to get different friends to run this race with me, because I want to share this wonderful experience with as many friends as possible. Running is fun, but clearing obstacles on top of that is another level of fun. If I had to wake up at 5am to run a 14km…

  • Why I Love Running at Night


    Every other runner has probably discussed, argued, and written about the benefits of running – the adrenaline rush, the runner’s high, the sense of achievement and the super cool and aesthetically pleasing running apparel. I probably agree with all of them but here is another icing on the proverbial cake (We probably deserve that slice…

  • Reebok Ziglite Rush Gives You The Extra Bounce


    Sometimes, the craziest ideas might just work. When I opened the shoebox, I was filled with mixed feelings. The colours and design looked amazing but at the same time, I had no idea what to expect from the crazy-looking zigzag soles. The dual-density ZigLite sole with the unique zigzag shape was the key highlight of…

  • Many Gathered for the Disadvantaged Children at the Run For Life 2013


    It felt like just another Saturday morning at East Coast Park. Cyclists, skaters, and runners were travelling up and down the path in their little groups of families and friends. However, there was something different. Not just the fact that the sun was beaming down brightly, or that the constant sea breeze was a nice…

  • NTUC Income Run 350: Save Our Future By Running


    As our world becomes increasingly urbanized, we are faced with the problem of environmental sustainability. Many studies have shown that our extrapolated growth and energy consumption could destroy our planet before we know it. NTUC INCOME RUN 350, organised by Young NTUC, is Southeast Asia’s premier eco-run. The run is organised to raise awareness about…

  • 2XU Compression Run 2013: Hope and Courage Multiplied


    More than 20,000 participants took part in the run, with different distances of 21km, 10km and 5km races. Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Acting Minister for Manpower, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of National Development, was the Guest-of-Honour who flagged off the runners. The 2XU Compression Run attracted runners from all around the world. In the 21km…

  • Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2013: Better and Tougher


    Every year, I look forward to this race – Men’s Health Urbanathlon. Every year, it just gets better and tougher. With new obstacles, the introduction of female runners and improvements to the entire experience, this 14km race with 9 obstacles was truly a humbling and fun experience. At 5.30am, I was up and making my…

  • U Run 2013: Rise To The Occasion


    Running alone can no longer satisfy the hunger of Singaporeans. The mileage can increase, the routes can change, and even the race pack can improve but Singaporeans now desire a greater challenge. More and more races are adding a twist; last Sunday morning, U Run burnt the quads of the runners by giving them a…

  • U Run 2013 Race Prelude: Are you ready?


    This Sunday, 24 Feb 2013, U Run will start at The Promontory @ Marina Bay with the runners flagging off at 6am. It is only a day away from U Run 2013. Are you ready? Getting ready for race day is a big part of running yet most people fail to plan and prepare. You…