Green Corridor Run 2013
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Green Corridor Run 2013

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The Green Corridor Run is the first running race to be held on what was formerly the rail line that connected Singapore to Malaysia and was the beginning of the Oriental Express for those journeying into the heart of Asia. The rail line has been out of use for many years and this has allowed the surrounding area to flourish with greenery and natural habitat. It is now an uninterrupted stretch of ecological and culturally significant land that stretches the entire length of Singapore. It cuts directly through the centre of the island, yet it is still one of Singapore’s least known natural wonders!

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Green Corridor Run 2013
Race Date:
27th January, 2013
7:00 am
Tanjong Pagar Rail Station
30 Keppel Road, Singapore, Singapore

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Last Updated: 20th Oct 2013

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