About RunSociety

From one runner to another, to many: RunSociety, Asia's leading running magazine.

Running can be viewed as an individual pursuit that is bound by targets and metrics and personal goals and yet when one runner comes together with another, their shared passion forms a bond that is hard to break.

There is something about that one foot in front of the next that takes us to places we may never have considered going. We find new horizons and new friends - RunSociety is the destination for runners who want to share their passion because we believe that together we can Run Further.

Founded in 2011, RunSociety is the first online magazine devoted to Asia’s fast growing running scene. We are the first to offer professional and aspiring runners the latest events updates and developments within the world of running but without the online clutter you might be accustomed to.

We pride ourselves on our journalistic integrity and have a real focus on a non-biased approach to everything we do and say within the pages of our magazine. In short, we work hard to gain your trust over with passion and integrity.

Over the last few years RunSociety has built a reputation among top athletes, coaches, casual and professional runners as a place that can be trusted for delivering analysis, resources and high quality journalism. Our writers are invested in the topic and strive to give you articles that are both insightful and totally unique.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where everyone loves and enjoys running. To build a place where people can come to learn, find and discover anything about running online.

Our Mission

To inspire and create a better everyday life for all runners with quality and integrity.

Our core beliefs are expressed through our logo:

We want you to recognise us for who and what we are. With a clear identity and a heritage of self belief and the pursuit of excellence, our logo is designed to bring us all together and created to express our core beliefs.

About RunSociety

Objectivity: If we like it we’ll tell you. If we dislike it we’ll tell you that too. It’s just our opinion - but it is one you can trust.

Reliability: Everytime you visit you will see up to date and accurate information that is relevant to you. It is a simple approach.

Community: Equality and inclusivity are our goals. Beginners and professionals are all welcome and every nationality and gender are equally loved and welcomed to the RunSociety family.

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