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Reebok RealFlex Shoes


All the freedom of running barefoot. All the protection of an athletic shoe. Enjoy the best of both worlds, now at your feet. It's time to move naturally again.

Designed with the natural motion of the foot in mind, RealFlex is the perfect combination of supreme comfort, support and stability. Now you can move and flex your feet naturally while running, jumping and stretching, as you stay fully protected from the elements.

Reebok RealFlex Technology

run, jump & train effortlessly


76 strategically placed, multi-directional sensory nodes to adapt to all training surfaces, and promote natural movement and flexibility


Less than 9 ounces in weight and stripped to the basics with a minimal, single-layer mesh upper for breathability


Durable multi-sized flex nodes with added carbon rubber for protection from all hard running and training surfaces


Lower to the ground than conventional running shoes & 10mm heel-to-toe drop for superior cushioning and comfort


CrossFit Training

High Intensity Movements


CrossFit is as much a fitness-inspired lifestyle as it is a strength and conditioning program, and the tight-knit CrossFit community is an essential factor in contributing to the success of the CrossFit program. Working hard, sharing the experience with others while striving towards a common goal, and being able to compete against yourself, the clock, and your fellow CrossFitters provides the same motivation found in many sports, and is one reason why CrossFit is called the Sport of Fitness.

Embracing One Another


The partnership between Reebok and CrossFit, which was forged in 2010, is a natural collaboration between two companies that are committed to empowering people around the world to be fit for life.

With this long-term partnership, Reebok has embraced the CrossFit community. Reebok continues to support CrossFit's fitness program and the CrossFit community through a number of initiatives and activities including sponsoring the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games®, Reebok CrossFit box openings and footwear, apparel and accessories collections.