Finding common ground used to be easy. World leaders met. Pacts were signed. Rules were made and rarely broken. Sound like paradise? That’s how things were a generation ago, but not so much these days.

Self-interest, competition and power seem to be everywhere a runner looks — but happily, there are plenty of people across the globe who go beyond the ordinary to make a difference.

You can join these caring people – no matter where you live — by celebrating the upcoming Million Kids Run on Global World Running Day celebrated on 1 June!

We know what you’re thinking — will a million kids come together at one location to see who wins? Not exactly. But there will be lots of individual efforts to track miles and kilometres by adults and children who want to mark this occasion by taking action.

Creative organisers overseeing this international effort have set a goal of 143 nation-participants, and if they have anything to say about how many people join the celebration, there will be more than a million people of all ages taking some action in support of this cause.

Won’t you join the party?

Why the Celebration?

Because tomorrow, and all tomorrows that follow, are dedicated to children. As one generation ends, leaving a legacy of good and bad, it’s the kids who will take their rightful leadership places in every nation, and it will be up to them to make decisions that run the gamut from stewardship of our fragile planet to coming together in the name of peace and prosperity.

Symbolically, the 1 June Million Kids Run will send a powerful message and your participation in this unique event says, “I believe in the future of every child.”

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Join Lots of Prestigious Supporters

Some of the biggest names in international business, philanthropy and sport have declared their support of this big day, and many will hold runs on 1 June.

High-profile clubs, businesses and organisations that have lent their names and reputations to the cause include the Beijing Athletic Association, New Balance, Boston and Houston Marathon planners, Chicago’s Bank of America Marathon, European Athletics, Run.Czech, 50 Million Strong, USA Track & Field, Virgin Sport and legions of other Global World Running Day enthusiasts.

What do they all have in common? They care about kids and they care about running!

Stage Your Own Million Kids Run

Every tool you need to initiate a run in your neighbourhood, community or nearby park can be found here. If you need communications tools to spread the word, event tools or social tools, one click of the icon on the website is all it takes to download the basics.

There are no rigid rules or regulations associated with the Million Kids Run because this isn’t a conventional way to raise money and awareness, so once a runner signs the pledge on the website, anything goes.

Because this event is fluid – and because people are signing the pledge in droves as 1st June draws nearer — you’ll want to keep tabs on the website even after you’ve organised a local run because a countdown clock monitors pledges, and a recent check showed that a quarter million+ people had already signed on to participate.

The number is going to keep going up and since you are going to be part of this amazing effort, you’ll want to see the participant count grow.

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How to Support The Million Kid Run

You don’t have to organise a big run to be part of the fun, but you do have to visit the website to make a personal or group pledge! Go onto the site, commit to undertaking any running activity you like – jog, run around the block, race the neighbourhood kids or take your dog out to run laps around a track.

Set your goal (even one time around the block counts), get out and inspire others by talking about your mission before you run and you’ve met your obligation. Along the way, you’ll inspire others with your passion and willingness to call attention to running and the children of the world.

It’s All Up To You Now

Whether you intend to run for the fun of it after making your pledge or you’d like to raise some money for a charity you support, you’re going to make a difference with even the smallest effort. You’ll join Aliza from New York, Dani from Spain (who has committed to a 10km run) and Switzerland’s Mark, who intends to run 19km to call attention to running and kids. Raise funds for a charity or don’t. Your call.

The rest is up to you. You haven’t much time, but there’s enough time left to get your neighbourhood, park, running club or circle of friends to earmark 1st June after visiting the website, taking the pledge and setting your personal goal. And don’t stop the party just because you’ve met your pledge and run the distance you set.

This calls for a picnic or a social get-together that celebrates the hope and promise of children around the world!

What will you do to make a difference on 1 June when the world comes together to celebrate Global Running Day that honours the world’s children?

Nathan Lin

Nathaniel is a certified personal trainer from Hong Kong and holds a master’s degree in psychology and exercise physiology. As a columnist for RunSociety, he aims to provide the readers with the information they need to make educated and informed health and fitness decisions, yet often adding in his funny observations.

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