Every time you tackle a particularly difficult trail and wonder why you’re putting yourself through the torture of pushing yourself mercilessly, we suggest you think of your efforts as throwing a party for your body.

Be as selfish as you like because you get all the gifts: mental clarity, purposeful focus and with each footfall, your body celebrates a victory over lethargy, physical and mental roadblocks and the assaults on your constitution that you encounter every day.

What Will You Wear to This Party?

If you love a cool pair of running shoes and it’s been way too long since you spoiled yourself, break out the balloons and noisemakers. Merrell’s iconic trail running shoe, the Bare Access Flex, has been re-engineered in an updated knit version and you’re going to want a pair once you consider the number of improvements this re-imagined shoe offers.

Merrell 3D knit construction makes the most of what makes knit such a high performing material: stretch and more stretch. Unlike other knit products out there that are knit flat, Merrell instead construct 3D knit in the same way socks are made: by wrapping elastic threads all the way around the foot. To ensure these shoes are fit to perform, Merrell has carefully selected highly durable threads and have engineered them into an enduring two-layer construction. And since Merrell knit each shoe individual and nearly seamlessly, Merrell has created a virtually wasteless product.


  • 0mm drop delivers the genuine barefoot experience that connects you to the ground.
  • Hyperlock heel design stabilizes every landing so you feel secure.
  • FLEXconnect technology enhances mobility and flexibility.
  • Dual-directional flex groove EVA midsole embraces your feet as they move in response to terrain.
  • The outsole is engineered to grip surfaces with tenacity.


  • The Bare Access Flex Knit is so fashion-forward, your trail becomes a red carpet.
  • Lightweight and agile, you never need to worry about descents and sharp turns.
  • Your feet avoid injurious twists and turns; this shoe won’t let your feet go astray!
  • Engineered flex-knit technology emulates socks: they’re not “flat knit” like ordinary weaves.
  • With 360-degree construction, wearers literally have their feet wrapped in elastic threads.

This Run Party is Just Getting Started

If reading the aforementioned features and benefits revs your curiosity, that’s our intention. This is no ordinary shoe introduction. The new Bare Access Flex Knit design is the result of Merrell designers listening to brand fans.

The multi-directional stretch doesn’t compromise comfort: two layers of knit material conform to feet, wick moisture and feel comfy. How comfortable? If you’re not a socks fan, you don’t have to wear them. Really.

So, where can you find these wonder running shoes? They’ve just arrived at Royal Sporting House ready to find new homes at S$189. But you don’t have to buy them if you sign up for Merrell’s Running Bootcamp. Only 32 runners can make the cut for the Bootcamp on 7th April at Botanic Gardens.

Not Your Ordinary Running Bootcamp

If you obtain a registration slot for the upcoming Merrell Run Bootcamp experience on the 7th April, you’ll be treated to a session that addresses your mind, your body and your spirit. Follow trailblazer Liew Wei Yong and other training superstars on a run that introduces you to the joys of proper running.

Physiotherapist Vivien Koh will be on hand to share the wisdom that can keep you from incurring trail running injuries in the future, so you learn how to stay safe and aware every time you set off on your favourite circuit.

In return for the S$130 clinic fee, you get more than a rare opportunity to master techniques in a small group setting that allows you to ask all of the questions you want. The clinic fee includes new Merrell Bare Access Flex Knit trail running shoes, a Merrell t-shirt and signature drawstring bag, too. You may have to read this section twice to make sure you’re not dreaming!

You’ll be asked to show up early for a dynamic morning that begins when you pick up your shoes, shirt and bag. Undertake drills that warm you up before setting off on a Botanic Gardens Run that caps off this morning of activity. Then, cool down while listening to Physiotherapist Vivien’s professional tips and enjoy refreshments, too.

You Snooze, You Lose

We can’t impress upon you the importance of taking action now if you wish to be included in this “first come-first served” event. How will you feel if it turns out you were the 33rd person who tries to register, only to be told all slots are filled?

You can avoid that possibility by taking action right now: Visit here to get on the shortlist. Choose your shoe and tee sizes, and calendar the date for an event that’s as unique as the new Merrell Bare Access Flex Knit shoes you’ll wear. Intrigued? We thought so!

When footwear manufacturers sponsor events like this one, does knowing that the number of participants will be small—plus an amazing shoe give-away-incentivize you to sign up immediately?

Bare Access Flex Knit is retailing at S$189 in Royal Sporting House. They are available in 5 colours – lime, vapor, red (mens, US 7 -13) and aqua, navy (womens, US 6-10).
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