Mizuno Wave Run 2017 Promo Code

by On Nov 1, 2017

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Mizuno Wave Run 2017 Promo Code

About Mizuno Wave Run 2017

The Mizuno Wave Run may not be the biggest of running events on the Singapore race calendar – in terms of participation rates – but you certainly can’t discount that it’s been a staple in the scene for the past eleven years. The Mizuno Wave Run can be said to be one of the most understated races in recent times if you compare it to the likes of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore or SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon. Nevertheless, it’s held its weight against the big boys, finding a niche of its own in the plethora of other events constantly trying to outdo one another by introducing ever-increasing distances.

This year’s theme will revolve around the colours of the rainbow. To celebrate love and to celebrate Mizuno Iconic shoe, Wave Rider 21 years. It also represents Mizuno commitment in continually providing a sound & healthy sport scene for the people in Singapore.

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