8th NICCO Charity Run @ Kamo River, Kyoto 2018

8th NICCO Charity Run @ Kamo River, Kyoto 2018
Start Date October 13, 2018
End Date October 13, 2018
Venue Kamo River riverbed, Kyoto City, Japan
Address Reception is located at the western edge of Kamo-ohashi Bridge, Tanaka Shimoyanagicho Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan
Sports Running
Distance Type 10km 2.5km 20km 30km 5km
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About Event

NICCO Charity Run @ Kamo River is an annual fundraising event organized by NICCO, one of the oldest non-profit, NGOs in Japan dedicated to supporting people in developing countries in Asia, the Middle-East and Africa.

NICCO Charity Run’s one-of-a-kind course will take runners through historic Kyoto along Kamo River.
Enjoy unobstructed vistas of Kamo River and old town Kyoto! You'll also be treated to the mystic scenery of Tadasu no Mori and Kamomioya-jinja and the epic Daimonji of Higashiyama mountain!

Join us at the Charity Run and feel the wind of Kyoto and help us improve the lives of children living in Kenya and other developing countries by providing them with access to safe drinking water through building clean, eco-toilets!

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