Earth Day Run Challenge 2018 By Royal Sporting House

Earth Day Run Challenge 2018
Start Date April 22, 2018
End Date April 22, 2018
Venue Anywhere
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Sports Running
Distance Type Time-based
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About Event

“Let’s save our home. Run to make a change. End plastic pollution.”

Every year, the Earth Day is observed by people around the world on April 22. Hundreds of countries have pledged to plant more trees and cut carbon emissions to save the earth. However, the road to a sustainable environment is a long and arduous one. And it wouldn’t be possible without the participation of each and every citizen of the earth.

Held in conjunction with Earth Day 2018, be a part of this global movement by making a small, yet powerful effort to reduce carbon emission through Earth Day Run Challenge 2018 presented by Royal Sporting House, a one-day event that challenges you to run as far as you can and minimise carbon emission at the same time.

How It Works:
1. Runners track their walk/run with GPS tracking app.
2. Multiple walks/runs are allowed throughout the day.
3. Runners take screenshots of the walk/run, then upload them to Spacebib within 5 days.
4. Top number of runners with the highest clocked mileage will win prizes from our sponsors. All participants will receive an e-certificate.

We encourage runners to bring their own bottles to minimise plastic waste.

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