Volvic Forest Force 50 2020

Forest Force 50 2020
Start Date March 29, 2020
End Date March 29, 2020
Venue MacRitchie Reservoir
Address MacRitchie Reservoir
Sports Running
Distance Type 15km 25km 50km
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About Event

The Force is back! Forest Force 50 returns again for its 2nd edition after a very successful inaugural edition in 2019. The race lived up to its name as a force to be reckoned with in trail racing with introducing 3 very original and challenging race routes for the 15km/25km/50km. These 3 categories are now back in offer again for the 2nd edition of the race scheduled in March 2020. And we intend to do even better with slight tweaks to the race routes to make them all still very original and exciting to run!

Each of the 3 race routes will still remain a non multi loop format consisting of a single continuous run. At Forest Force 50, we don’t believe in designing race courses that make you run loops after loops. We want to give you a race course that intrigues you while at the same time test your trail running abilities to the max! We take pride in designing our race courses with months of careful planning and test runs to see if they live up to our own high standards. Trail running is what we do best and thus you can be assured that Forest Force 50 2020 will not disappoint you. The Force is indeed strong with us!

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