Lemkowyna Ultra-Trail®

Lemkowyna Ultra-Trail®
Start Date October 11, 2019
End Date October 13, 2019
Venue Main Beskid Trail
Address Main Beskid Trail, Poland
Sports Running
Distance Type 100km 150km 30km 48km 70km
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About Event

Lemkowyna, the land of Lemkos, invites you for an unforgettable trail experience. Breathe in the wild, breathe out happiness.

The modern world is a global village. Even distant locations are easily accessible. Satellite maps give you a preview of adventure. There are few places without phone signal and Internet access. Yet in Poland, a country which has gone a long way in the last decades and has gained well-deserved recognition worldwide, there is an enclave where the hands of the clock are moving slower than anywhere else.

It is the land of Lemkos, an exquisite ethnic group who has lived here for hundreds of years. Run through old-forgotten villages and see the wooden Orthodox churches. Listen to the wind gusting in the woods and hear simple yet beautiful melodies of Lemko music. Stop at one of the springs and taste pristine water. Stop at the aid station and taste pumpkin soup. Savour all smells, tastes and emotions, filling the atmosphere of Lemkowyna Ultra-Trail®.

You will need a lot of strength, both physical and mental. You will run in the mountains on an October night lighted only with thousands of stars. Your feet will sink in the mud and sometimes you might shiver from cold air of “golden Polish autumn”. Yet at every aid station we are going to wait for you with heart-warming welcome, and even though the road may seem far and tough, you will cross the finish line with genuine happiness at heart, accompanied by the sound of hundreds of hand-crafted bells, one of which is going to be hung on your neck as a finisher’s gift.

Don’t miss the opportunity for an ultimate trail experience. Don’t miss the registration on 10th December 2018.

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