Master Of The Streets

Master Of The Streets
Start Date February 15, 2020
End Date March 1, 2020
Venue Anywhere
Address Anywhere
Sports Running
Distance Type 10km 21km 42km
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About Event

Harsh. Merciless. Unpredictable. The street is a tough place for runners. But runners aren’t soft. Runners overcome any obstacles, terrain and weather conditions in the streets to become a true master of running.

A master is a person who owns, cares for something or control over a particular situation. There is always a favourite route and street that every runner has.

The runner mastered every corner of the terrain and it’s so familiar to the runner that it can be claimed as its own. 

So now it’s time for runners to share the mastery of their favourite street that they run in with the community. Masters run to push each other to new personal best and become the master of their life and health.

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