Miri Marathon 2017

Miri Marathon 2017
Start Date March 19, 2017
End Date March 19, 2017
Venue Stadium, Miri
Address Jalan Sukan, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Sports Running
Distance Type 10km 21km 42km 5km
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About Event

It's been many years ago since Miri had its last marathon event which was organized by Holiday Inn. In Year 2015, Bulatan Park Runners' Club had organized Miri Charity Run 2015 and since then it had lighted the spark of running events in Miri. We had 8 running events in Miri with different organizers in Year 2015, namely Miri Beach Run, Miri- Sibuti Balloon Charity Run, Larian Bersama Bomba, Miri City Day Run, 916 Hari Malaysia Night Run, 12th Dynasty Charity Run, and 1010 Hari Sukan Negara. These events normally covering the race distance around 10km with each event participant might range from 500 pax up to 2000 pax!

In 2016, Imperial Run had offered runners the distance of Half Marathon (21km), 10km and 5km. The participants were from West Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak, foreign runners from Brunei, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, UK, US and etc. The event attracted more than 10 Kenyan to come over and compete. Imperial Run is the first ever event that introduced the utility of Mylaps Timing System, which enabled the accuracy of timing up to second. Then the systems were used for Miri City Day Half Marathon. The date till September 2016, there were already 8 running events conducted in Miri. We have high confidence that the running events in Year 2016 will be doubled compared to last year as we have 8 running events in coming October! The running community in Miri is growing exponentially!

Therefore, our Vision in Year 2017, it is about the right time to organize a Full Marathon in Miri. Miri has a strategic location to conduct a long distance run with scenic view along the route. The route of 42km will bring participants to pass through the city centre, sea view, villages and etc. For your information, we are targeting 5000 participants for Miri Marathon 2017, both local and international runners.

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