Mizuno Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020 (New Date)

Mizuno Ekiden Singapore Online Race 2020
Start Date May 17, 2020
End Date May 31, 2020
Venue Singapore
Address Singapore
Sports Running
Distance Type 42.195km
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About Event

Ekiden (駅伝) is a long-distance running multistage relay race, which has been widely received among runners in Singapore. This year, Mizuno is pleased to extend this piece of culture by introducing the first Ekiden online race.

The Mizuno Ekiden Online Race is a friendly running competition similar like previous editions of the Mizuno Ekiden that promotes the Japanese values of perseverance, resilience and teamwork. People of any running ability in Singapore can form a running team of 4 with their friends or randomly with people in different communities to compete for top honours.

Each team runner can choose to run anywhere on any terrain, runs a different or same distance each, take turns or run together to complete the 42.195km marathon distance. The Mizuno Ekiden Online Race brings identity within a team and bring out camaraderie and cooperation of each member towards a common goal.

Whether you are running with friends or hope to find your sole mates in this online race, you will realised great things can be achieved together. So form your team and join the race today.

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