NusantaRun Chapter 7

Start Date December 6, 2019
End Date December 8, 2019
Venue Bangsal Sewokoprojo
Address Jl. Pangarsan. Purbosari, Wonosari. Wonosari, Gunung Kidul. Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. 55851
Sports Running
Distance Type 133km 71km
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About Event

NusantaRun is when the love for running meets the love for our country, Indonesia, to show that we care for each other’s future. On the previous year, 186 runners had completed the mission of running 169 kilometers from Dieng, Central Java to Gunungkidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. They ran and raised donations for the Education Development Program for Students with Disabilities in Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta in collaboration with Kampus Guru Cikal. NusantaRun raised donations of IDR 2,650,073,375 from 7,757 donors through #PendidikanUntukSemua’s campaign.

This year will be the 7th year of NusantaRun running across the city, district, and province. NusantaRun continues to run, leaving a step of kindness in each passed area. This year, NusantaRun will run 133 kilometers from Gunungkidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta to Ponorogo, East Java.

Carrying the spirit of #RevealingPotentials, NusantaRun is inviting anyone to be involved as part of NusantaRun Chapter 7 (committee, runners, sponsors, donors , media partners, community partners, etc.) to empower children with disabilities to achieve their dreams, become a generation of national hope and become a strong generation for a better Indonesia. NusantaRun Chapter 7 are aiming to raise in excess of Rp 3 billion to support our vital work and enable the people we help to bring about positive change in their lives.

The donation will deliver to Perkumpulan Ohana, an organization that located in Yogyakarta and dedicate to disability rights. They are providing access to tool mobility service adaptive wheelchair, resource development for people with disability, fulfillment of the rights and policy advocacy for people with disability through trainings and workshops. Detail about Perkukumpulan Ohana could be seen on their website or instagram.

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