OSJ Ontake 100 Trail Run 2018

OSJ Ontake 100 Trail Run 2018
Start Date July 14, 2018
End Date July 15, 2018
Venue Matsubara Sports Park
Address Otaki, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture 397-0201
Sports Running
Distance Type 100 miles 100km
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About Event

The Otaki State Forest Trail will be open only to those participating in the OSJ ONTAKE100 race! Take this opportunity to discover a trail that is usually closed to the public. This unique 100km and 100mi race starts at nightfall and finishes the next day. Register for your twilight adventure today!

Note: If you would like to register for this race, you must first send an email to (info@samuraisports.co.jp) for a private link to the application.

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