Rooster Virtual Run 2017

Rooster Virtual Run 2017
Start Date January 21, 2017
End Date January 22, 2017
Venue Worldwide
Address Anywhere
Sports Running
Distance Type 14km 28km 7km
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About Event

Rooster Virtual Run is organized by Pure North Gobi team to race funds for Singapore heart foundation and Parkinson’s U.K. This is our 2nd Charity Fund Raiser, RUN FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T. At the same time, we would also like to encourage more people to get moving in the year of the Rooster to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The Pure North Gobi team is participating at Gobi March China in 2017. They will be racing as a team for 7 days straight, carrying their own supplies, covering a total of 250km under extreme weather changes. They will be going through snow, heat, rocks, hills, sand storms and whatever mother nature wants to throw at them. Are they ready for this? Not yet, but they are training hard for this grueling event. We would like to share our training with the public so that participants can experience the training together with us at the same time for a good cause. We will be organizing a series of charity fund raiser projects for all the trainings such as Bootcamps, Runs, Rucking, Hiking etc.

Be a part of The Pure North Gobi team to inspire the people around you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Why the Singapore Heart Foundation?

The Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), formerly known as the Singapore National Heart Association (SNHA), is a non-profit charitable organisation at the forefront of the battle against heart disease in Singapore.

Some of our Pure North team members themselves have or had family members who are victims of heart problems. Thus, this is something very close to our hearts and we want to do our part to help. What better way to do this this than by encouraging people to lead and healthy and active lifestyle: let's be involved in both the prevention and the cure!

Why Parkinson's UK?

Like Heart Disease, Parkinson's is something that has impacted many of the Pure North team personally. We all know someone or have family member's who have been affected by the disease and we want to do what we can to support a charity that both funds research into combatting the disease, while also helping those who provide care and support for both patients and those around them.

Why should you join?

• for a good cause
• get moving and adopt healthier lifestyle
• inspire the people around you to have a healthier lifestyle
• Join our Gobi team in their journey and get inspired by their dedication and will power to train for something most of us wouldn't even think of attempting

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