Run For Panda Online Race 2019

Run For Panda Online Race 2019
Start Date March 16, 2019
End Date March 24, 2019
Venue Anywhere
Address Anywhere
Sports Running
Distance Type 10km 21km 5km
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About Event

Pandas (팬더) is one of the most adorable animals to exist. Coated in traditional black and white, these cute bears symbolise peace and gentle strength as well as the mascot of wildlife conservation.

Following decades of work by conservationists, giant pandas have rebound off endangered list to vulnerable. In 2019, celebrate our success and continued efforts of wildlife conservation on National Panda Day—16 March.

Spread the word and run for one of the world's most adored animals. Let's brings together the efforts of an international community dedicated to protecting and restoring habitat. Run for Panda (팬더)!

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