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Save the Ocean Online Race Series: Great White Shark 2020

Save the Ocean Online Race Series: Great White Shark 2020
Start Date June 1, 2020
End Date December 31, 2020
Venue Anywhere
Address Anywhere
Sports Running
Distance Type 21km 42km
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About Event

The ocean ecosystems extend from the tiniest of microorganisms, and corals all the way to the top of the food chain with killer whales and sharks. Sharks are one of the most important factors in maintaining the ocean's health and ecosystems. We humans and the entire planet rely on a healthy ocean to survive. A major issue that our oceans are facing is the unsustainable decline of shark numbers. Due to shark finning and over-fishing, almost one-quarter of the shark species, including the Great White Shark have been classified as Vulnerable or Threatened with Extinction. We would like to honour, help, protect, and conserve the ocean by spreading awareness.

Run for the Sharks and save the Ocean! Let's join our first Save The Ocean Online Series and celebrate World Oceans Day all year round.

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