Sawahlunto Coal Trail Marathon 2017

Sawahlunto Coal Trail Marathon 2017
Start Date November 11, 2017
End Date November 11, 2017
Venue Field of Triangle Sawahlunto
Address Sawahlunto , West Sumatra Indonesia
Sports Running
Distance Type 13km 21km 42km
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About Event

Sawahlunto Coal Trail Marathon presents the concept of Sports Tourism Event, giving the experience of running the natural beauty, indigenous culture, and history of the old city of Sawahlunto. The starting line starts from the center of Triangle Field city park, continuing past the historical icons of coal mining in Sawahlunto, including Silo Park, the Dutch East Indies relic building of PT. Bukit Asam Ombilin Mining Unit, Polan Peak, and public hospitality.

One uniqueness that is not less interesting, through this Sawahlunto Coal Trail Marathon participants will also be served experience running in the Kalam Holes, an ancient railroad tunnel relic of the Dutch East Indies through the foothills along 835 meters.

This event does not present the usual sports experience, but a fresher alternative to introducing a region's tourist attractions to improve the economy of the local community.

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