SG50 Lunghi Run 2015

SG50 Lunghi Run 2015
Start Date November 21, 2015
End Date November 21, 2015
Venue Labrador Nature Reserve
Address Labrador Villa Road, Singapore 119187
Sports Running
Distance Type 3.5km 7.5km
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About Event

Lunghi Run came up with the idea of this after watching the viral music video of a song entitled Lunghi Dance. It was the Gangnam Style of Bollywood. Do watch it when you get the chance. Traditionally the lunghi, which is more popularly known as the sarong in Singapore, is a common clothe for Indians, Peranakans and the Malays. And as we live in a multi-cultural society where racial harmony is paramount, is similar to children wearing the ethnic costumes of another race during Racial Harmony Day and it would be a fun experience, in addition to sending a strong message of solidarity and racial harmony.

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