Teh Tarik Run 2017

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Start Date April 9, 2017
End Date April 9, 2017
Venue 66 Kampong Bugis S338987
Address 66 Kampong Bugis S338987
Sports Running
Distance Type 1km Loop/Lap
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About Event

The 'chillax' after a tough 'sesh' always gives you a why not... This time round we took seriously that ‘why not convert the beer mile idea into something non-alcoholic and healthier’. That drink, came in the form of the Teh Tarik we were drinking.

Presenting to you the inaugural Teh Tarik Run (probably the first in the world), we beseech all runners to take their sustenance seriously and all chillers to enjoy their walk. To attain an 'A' timing it has to be froth in, froth out – No two ways about it. In our book, if the froth doesn't come back out, you might as well walk. To walk means, you should have walked straight to the prata shop instead.

Race Concept

Use the starter tik-gong# provided from the race pack to contain your teh tarik for every round of Teh. Finish drinking without spilling before heading for each 1km lap. Complete this 4 times and earn yourself the finisher tik-gong. Yes, it’s 4 set of Teh and 1km combo.

Take note that the beverage could be hot. Beware of the tik-gong's sharp edges. We expect every runner to be able to deal with these problems. Please do contact us if you need a short course on how to protect yourself from the tik-gongs.

# Hokkien Diealect for Milk Cans traditionally also used to ‘dabao’ or takeaway hot beverage.


Teh Tarik Run 2017

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