The 35th Carter Memorial Kurobe Meisui Marathon 2018

The 35th Carter Memorial Kurobe Meisui Marathon 2018
Start Date March 27, 2018
End Date March 27, 2018
Venue Kurobe-shi general park
Address 1142 Horikiriku Kurobe-shi, Toyama Prefecture, 938-0041, Japan
Sports Running
Distance Type 10km 3km 42.195km 5km 7.5km
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About Event

This is a historic race that many have participated in, including former President of United States, Jimmy Carter. It is one of the most popular races in Japan and recently became one of the top 100 in the country. There are 22 water stops available on the route, with the most exquisite and fresh water the locals are proud of. You'll enjoy running in the refreshing early summer air of the mountains, the river, and the sea. And before you go home, don't miss your chance to try some of the best local dishes, free of charge!

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