The Reebok Spartan Race 2015

Last updated on March 20, 2016
The Reebok Spartan Sprint 2015
Date 20151115 to 20151115
Location Nicoll Highway, Singapore
Sports Running
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About Event

A Spartan Race is not your average race! While you are certainly familiar with everyday run-of-the-mill running races, the Spartan Race is like their adventurous, adrenaline-junkie friend who thrives on excitement.

Not only will you be running, climbing, and crawling across unknown terrain, but you?ll also get to splash through mud, tackle many unique and challenging obstacles, test your overall strength, balance, mental tenacity and endurance, and finish with a fiery leap of victory!

It?s probably one of the most exciting, invigorating and thrilling ways you can choose to spend your weekend.

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