Tri-Nation Virtual Run Indonesia 2018

Tri-Nation Virtual Run 2018
Start Date May 15, 2018
End Date July 25, 2018
Venue Anywhere
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Sports Running
Distance Type Others
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About Event

This virtual run is not your usual run-of-the-mill type but for a holistic purpose, that is. Come August, patriotic fervour can be keenly felt as three nations proudly mark the celebration of their nationhood. One named it ‘National Day’, another named it ‘Independence Day’ and the last but not the least, named it ‘Merdeka Day’.

That said, ‘Tri-Nation Virtual Run’ hails the joyous celebration of Singapore’s National Day on 9 August, Indonesia’s Independence Day on 17 August and Malaysia’s Merdeka Day on 31 August respectively. Indeed, a dignifying moment for all!

Our event logo depicts three majestic animals which hold symbolic status to the three countries; Lion for Singapore; Tiger for Malaysia and Eagle for Indonesia is a collective representation of unity, prosperity and progress for all.

Be you a Singaporean, Malaysian or Indonesian, mark a date on your calendar and dedicate this special 5KM run to your beloved nation. For other nationals, you are most welcome to sign up to pledge your supports too. You may gather a group of like-minded friends and run together for posterity.

Once your run is done and dusted, you’ll soon earn our uniquely designed ‘Personalised ID Wrist Band’ which you can proudly put it on.

For Self; For Home; For Nation…Sign Up Now!!!

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