RunSociety's mission is to present the news and serves as a voice of the community. Since we launched, we have been inviting people to share their personal experiences and stories with the community. This is why we come up with Firsthand. It's RunSociety's new section of sharing personal narrative essays.

We are realise the power of personal narrative in advancing our mission of building a community focused publication. A trail runner can share her travel experience where ordinary travelers wouldn't go. A stroke patient can explain his struggle on his road to recovery in a way healthy runner can not understand. A successful marathoner can reveal things about his sweat that reporters will never see.

In consideration of this, we've decided to dedicate a section of RunSociety.com to thoughtful, deep, provocative personal narratives that explain the most important topics in life. We called this section "Firsthand".

Firsthand would only achieve its goal if you start writing for us. If you have a great story to tell that helps explain a significant issue, send us a pitch. We are looking for a wide range of perspectives from writers of any age, gender, race, nationality, and sexual orientation. For non-writers or anyone who may have an important story to tell but need help turning it into a piece; we're glad to provide that help.

How do I pitch to RunSociety Firsthand?

Write a paragraph or two describing:

  • what you'd like to write about;
  • what personal experience you have that qualifies you to write about this topic;
  • the basic points you want to make in your article.

We'll also take a look at completed drafts if you prefer to pitch that way. Keep in mind that if your article gets accepted, we'll go through an editorial process that could involve significant revising, restructuring, and/or condensing of the original draft.

Send your pitch or draft to hello@runsociety.com or use our form here.

What particular topics are you interested in?

Besides, running, we love topics on: health, fitness, lifestyle, culture, identity, relationships, self-help, and travel. But we're always looking for new topics to cover, so if you have a pitch that doesn't fall into any of these categories, don't let that stop you from sending it along.