Get Ready To Be Inspired With Oakley Harmony Fade

Oakley launches the new special edition Harmony Fade eyewear collection. It is developed for the athletes to celebrate the journey and commitment, in being able to reach the world stage of competition. All of the pieces in this unique collection are put together by their colour scheme which was inspired by Oakley Prizm lens technology. The unique collection combines both sophisticated design and innovation.

Photo Credit: Oakley Harmony Fade

Sophisticated design

It is sophisticated due to its striking colour combination that features orange to represent the flame burning within each and every competitor, and yellow to represent the sun that lights the path of athletes who is brave enough in pursuing their dreams.

Photo Credit: Oakley Harmony Fade


The Harmony Fade Collection is available with Oakley Prizm, which has a revolutionary lens technology, backed by so many research, that enhances details for an optimized viewing experience. Prizm lenses allow extremely clear colour perception, making everything radiant and the lenses are designed to adapt to atmospheric environmental conditions. Therefore, the Harmony Fade collection improves athletes performance and helps them to face any test, which includes climate-related challenges

Oakley Harmony Fade collection is now available in all authorised Oakley retailers and is available in Asian-fit and in 3 designs.

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