The shoes that have created a wave in the States have arrived on Singapore shores. Pure minimalist runners will love the Bare-X 180 for its Zero Shoc-Zone, where there is no height difference between its toe and heel, allowing the feet to act as if they were barefoot.

The 180s come in an Anatomic Fit. Since they are based on the shape of the foot, they give the runner a very natural and comfortable fit. Most importantly, the toe box is spacious enough for toes to spread out, which occurs naturally when one runs with a mid-foot gait.

Another characteristic that sets them apart from their other minimalist competitors is the Meta-flex system that allows the forefoot to function naturally by providing a natural flex point in the shoe. The flexible soles simulate the movement of the feet, letting the runner settle into a natural gait.

Bare-X 180 (Blue/White)
Weight (UK8)- 180g; Gender- Unisex; RP-S$218

A feature that is unique to Inov-8 is their smooth and lugless sole. They work just like racing slicks on racecars. When the lugs are eliminated, the soles provide the largest possible contact with the road, hence maximising traction. Together with the Sticky Rubber compound, which is similar to rock climbing rubber, the shoe grips firmly on the road, whether dry or wet.

Bare-X 180 (Black/Red)

Unlike the other Inov-8 models in the road series, the Bare-X 180 do not feature the Dynamic Fascia Band (DFB). Runners will have to depend on the strength of their foot to push off, instead of relying on the DFB to recreate the “windlass effect”. Over time, runners will develop stronger foot muscles that will help the runner run faster and more efficiently. Hence, runners of all levels who train on the track, and even multi-sport athletes (e.g. biathletes and triathletes), love this shoe for its lightness, breathability and ease of wear.

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