“Turn sweat into energy.”

Sounds surreal? Well, Swiss company X-BIONIC’s slogan is backed with the all-new Effektor Power Running. Launching a new element in the high-tech running segment, the Effektor’s innovative system combines compression and temperature management to pump up performance.

When was the last time that you really ran easily? Sprinted up hills and took the endless straight pathways as if you were practically prancing along a catwalk? With the new Effektor technology, your running life is going to change: Training jaunts will be a welcome challenge, a half-marathon a piece of cake, and a marathon simply a beautiful running experience.

X-Bionic Effektor Power Running Short Sleeve Shirt. Retail Price: S$185.90.

High-Powered and Ready for Action

In order for runners to develop their full potential, compression apparel has to be built to apply the right level of pressure. With X-BIONIC’s Partial Kompression, the apparel doesn’t apply all-over surface compression; rather, it applies compression over ridges. In this way, the performance gear not only support blood circulation, but also take full advantage of spaces between the ridges to use sweat to cool athletes.

Another revolutionary detail is the Neuro-Response-Bandage: With its targeted pressure in a wide band over the muscle insertion, receptors are put in a ready state, which improves muscular activity.

X-Bionic Effektor Power Running Shorts. Retail Price: S$171.90.

Cools When You Sweat, Warms When You’re Chilled

When the body runs hot like a motor, what follows is a quick drop in performance. Therefore, the 3D-BionicSpere® System is incorporated over a large surface area on the chest and back. With its functional mechanics, the Effektor helps runners maintain their optimal body performance temperature of 37 °C.

Where to Buy

Available in lime green for men and light blue for women, X-Bionic Effektor Power Running Short Sleeve Shirts are priced at S$185.90 each while the Running Shorts are S$171.90 per pair.

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