There is no doubt that running is the best form of exercise and sports participation for young adults, adolescents and children. Whether you are alone or in a team environment, running can specifically enhance your fitness, coordination and physical and emotional development.

It tones up your body muscles and shapes up your body figure. However running under difficult conditions without preparation, inadequate clothing or equipment can cause harmful injuries which would then need serious TLC (tender loving care).

In order to avoid serious running injuries, you need to be well aware of some basic prevention tips for running. Running injuries are relatively common and may result in injuries like

  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Kneecap pain and tendonitis
  • Skin bruises
  • Heat Stroke (Dehydration)

Stop Running If You Are Hurt

It is crucial and important to stop immediately if you feel any sort of pain. Most runners feel the adrenaline rush to push their body for fitness endurance. However, pushing through pain only makes the problem worse and may result in adverse health issues.

Immediately stopping when you feel pain and correcting it by relaxing your muscles a bit would do the trick. It would also help you get back on the track.

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However if the pain persists, contact your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Such problems are easily fixed and cured if attended to quickly.

Setting Proper Running Goals

It is also important to determine your goal or reason for running, whether it is for fitness, sports, training, competition or recreation. Establishing specific running related goals would help and ensure a better running program.

It would help in your running program by keeping specific time intervals and duration and pre and post level of fitness weight levels.

Every running plan should have a strategy that is compatible with your goal. It would set safe standards and a sense of accomplishment for yourself where you would advance slowly and cautiously without giving up in the early stages.

If you are participating in a running competition, then assign yourself a proper coach or an athletic trainer with proper knowledge of fitness running techniques and programs.

Having Adequate Running Attire

Proper fitness gear or running attire is essential for running as it takes a lot of body movements and exercise.

You should opt for active fitness wear for your running activities which is lightweight, breathable fabric to prevent the buildup of perspiration and allow better body heat regulation.

Make sure that your active fitness wear fits properly according to your body figure. You can also go for adequate fitness socks to provide some thickness to avoid any blisters. Most importantly, choose proper running shoes with good support arches.

Running shoes are the basic requirement for your running activities and should fit well and be comfortable for many hours.

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Most importantly, your running shoes should support your feet, unstable ankles and your running technique.

Keep Safe Weather Conditions and Locations

Unless you’re a professional runner, running on uneven terrains can be tough and difficult, so trying running on flat ground as it is more gentle.

Avoid steep hills as there is always the risk of falling down. Running on track surfaces is best for beginners.

While running, it is also important to take notice of the weather conditions especially in the summer.

Running in extreme heat conditions where humidity is high needs special consideration to stay hydrated. Being hydrated especially in the summer is essential for the body to function properly during long runs.

Thus, a lot of water intake can prevent you from having heat illness such as sunburn, exhaustion and dehydration.

So if you are training for your first 5K or 10K, such prevention tips would let you enjoy running with proper training, nutrition and running gear.

What’s the best running injury prevention tips ever given to you? Please share with fellow runners so we can all reduce running injuries together.

Zyana Morris

Zyana Morris is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. Currently, she is working as a blogger for Centra Care, an urgent care center in Orlando and neighboring cities including Conway, Longwood, Orange Lake and others.

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