Are you dancing up a storm? Or remain adamant? In part one, we introduced 10 dance fitness workouts that will bring joy and fun to your running routine. We now present you yet another 11 dance workouts to keep your feet and body moving. You’ll be aching to groove along.

1. Burlex Fitness

What is it: This UK-based network of licensed fitness classes makes no excuses for borrowing moves from the sensuous world of Burlesque. You’ll be put through serious paces if you adopt this fun and lively workout—and you can even keep your clothing on!

How and why it’s done: Mixed low-level cardio exercises interspersed with interval training keeps up the heat high enough to burn calories and give dancers excuses to shimmy, wiggle and vamp in the tradition of burlesque dancers.

Benefits for runners: This is a sassy way to add non-running exercise to your routine and moves don’t put pressure on leg joints so you’re never in danger of compromising your extremities. Expect to strengthen muscles and obtain more flexibility if you add Burlex Fitness to your routine.

Availability in Singapore: Need an excuse to visit UK? This is it! At the moment, Burlex classes are only available in Staffordshire, London, Blackpool, Edinburgh and Bristol. Until then, will pole dance exercise classes do?

2. Name of dance: Street Fit

What is it: This fitness programme is as much a head game as a body game: Exercisers push the boundaries of “what’s possible”, using high-action moves via a fun, lively exercise programme that originated in the UK and is just starting to make its influence felt in other nations.

How and why it’s done: As the name suggests, a street-wise, hip hop vibe influenced by a percussion-heavy beat motivates exercisers to find their own voice and rhythm. The sound track is high-energy and the moves are easy because they’re so natural. Long to perform on the stage? This could be your training opportunity.

Benefits for runners: Not every competitive runner achieves a heightened state of confidence, but this workout can do the job if you buy into the StreetFit philosophy. Aerobic benefits are excellent and your extremities receive a workout that can tide you over between your training schedule.

Availability in Singapore: There are no Street Fit classes currently running at Singapore venues, but you can become a Street Fit Instructor by undergoing their training course, once you become a certified Street Fit Instructor you will of course be able to run your own classes.

3. Dance Trance Fitness

What is it: The USA-based dance movement just made the London and Zagreb scenes but it’s not yet in Singapore. Dance Trance prides itself on being the exercise programme designed for diverse levels and there’s a social component: if you want to exercise with folks who love Reggae music, for example, form your own community link around the Dance Trance movement.

How and why it’s done: Learn musical phrases (e.g., verses, chorus, bridge and instrumental interludes) as a way of memorizing routines. Unlike other studio-based exercise classes, you’ll never hear an instructor screaming into a microphone because you set your own rhythms and control your own “trance.”

Benefits for runners: Tried other non-run exercise programmes only to become bored? Dance Trance may be your salvation. You pick the music and dance combinations. Gather a group of like-minded runners. This unique spin on workouts has such a strong social component, you’ll even be invited to dance fitness cruises, socials, chat rooms and message boards.

Availability in Singapore: The Dance Trance craze just hit Jeddah, so can Singapore be far behind? Maybe you should be the person who launches this craze!

4. U-JAM Fitness

What is it: This approachable, easy-to-follow hip hop dance fitness movement uses an energetic mix of music to keep the body moving at the speed of light. Launched in San Francisco, around 10,000 people show up at U-JAM classes weekly, but unfortunately, none of them are in Singapore. While you’re waiting for U-JAM to arrive, substitute hip hop aerobic studio workouts.

How and why it’s done: Get your heart rate up to healthy numbers, keep your body in motion and sweat it up to the sounds of urban rhythms. Called exhilarating and unparalleled by fans, U-JAM is bound to become a hit in Singapore—could 2015 be the year it arrives?

Benefits for runners: Obvious cardio benefits lead the list of reasons U-JAM is an ideal non-run day workout for runners, but U-JAM adds a social element that encourages you to gather runner friends into a collective so you all strengthen and tone your muscles using the same fitness techniques.

Availability in Singapore: Until U-JAM arrives on our shores, enrol in another type of hip hop style workout programmes so you’re ready to boogie.

5. WERQ Fitness

What is it: That’s not a misspelled word! The folks at WERQ Fitness want you to werq your fanny off via classes that “revolutionize the dance fitness industry”. Fitness education is part of the programme, so you’ll not only tone and train your body but learn why you’re doing it.

How and why it’s done: WERQ aims to be a presence within every gym on the planet, so if you’ve got pull and want to import this choreography-driven, high-intensity exercise programme that’s the antithesis of “pretty little workout classes”, do it! Instructors must memorize at least 15 songs or they can’t lead WERQ classes.

Benefits for runners: Cardio endurance building is at the heart of WERQ and instructors are all required to run for 6 hours before they’re hired! If this doesn’t sound like your thing, skip WERQ and go elsewhere for exercise on the days you don’t run or train!

Availability in Singapore: WERQ training is limited to the US and UK, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contact these folks and find out about adding WERQ to your current gym menu.

6. MixxedFit

What is it: An explosive dance movement paired with boot camp toning best explains the MixxedFit movement. Want to master over the top, exaggerated exercises? You’ve found Nirvana. Train for a full 60 minutes doing squats, jumping jacks and booty-shaking moves adroitly mixed with dance steps. Choreography is simple, so if exercise dance classes have felt too complicated in the past, this one might be a better fit.

How and why it’s done: Take a pass on equipment, weights and contraptions in favour of a wide open dance floor and nightclub-worthy song tracks. The boot camp facets of MixxedFit are challenging and get fast results.

Benefits for runners: The intensity of the MixxedFit workout provides the upper body with the strength and toning every runner needs to compete and thrive. Beginners say it’s easy to get into the rhythm of this programme, so if you’ve failed before, give it a go.

Availability in Singapore: MixxedFit locations in Singapore don’t exist; until they get here, pair boot camp experience with dance-focused workout programmes.

7. Bollybeatz

What it is: When this Indian-influenced dance exercise programme is properly taught by someone whose roots are in this region of the world, it doesn’t get any better. Move and groove in the style of the Slum Dog Millionaire movie cast, only without the big budget.

How and why it’s done: Ever heard of bhangra beats? This music form morphs classic U.S. songs into tunes with a distinct Bollywood flavour. Burn more calories when engaged in Bollybeatz by moving to the rhythms of aerobic, jazz and assorted “street techniques.”

Benefits for runners: The aerobic workout dancers receive while doing Bollybeatz moves is so comprehensive, you won’t need another non-run-day exercise component to keep your legs, arms and torso in tip-top condition.

Availability in Singapore: You won’t have a problem locating Bollybeatz venues since it’s a Singapore favourite, but if you’re lost, visit Bolly Dancing Studio.

8. Flirtification

What is it: Get your sexy on by jumping on the Flirtification bandwagon. Inspired by popular international media best represented by MTV and VH1, this dance music with accompanying moves is designed for women who want to feel their sexiest while getting their bodies into the best shape possible.

How and why it’s done: Instead of concentrating on frenetic, muscle-enhancing aerobic moves, Flirtification is all about sensuality. Move your torso, legs and shoulders in ways that practically guarantee seduction!

Benefits for runners: Get your head into a sexy mindset that erases the usual “I’m working out just to tone my body” notion. Have the most fun you can experience outside the bedroom. Discover the ideal combination of cardio and strength training as you chisel your core, tone your booty and sculpt your arms.

Availability in Singapore: Not right now, but it’s coming. At the moment, the Flirtification movement is headquartered in Toronto and Chicago, but stay current on new Singapore dance trends and it will get here.

9. Masala Bhangra Workout

What is it: Get your Indian moves on when you discover an indigenous exercise movement that’s half ethnically-inspired fun and half a choreographic romp that means business in the aerobic and stretching arena.

How and why it’s done: Learn high-energy Bhangra and Bollywood dance moves via joyous fitness routines that are fresh, exciting and incorporate movements guaranteed to keep one physically active at every age.

Benefits for runners: Masala Bhangra could be the long-awaited answer for runners weary of the “same old, same old” exercise routines—particularly runners with roots in India who are eager to immerse themselves in their ethnic heritage.

Availability in Singapore: At the moment, the closest nation offering Masala Bhangra workouts is Australia, but keep checking the international Masala Bhangra site so you know when it arrives!

10. Piloxing

What is it: An interdisciplinary exercise movement mixing boxing, dance and Pilates to give participants the workout of a lifetime. No shoes required. No fancy workout clothing necessary, either. Work at your own pace so there’s no intimidation involved if other class participants are on their own wavelength.

How and why it’s done: This intensive, interval training system is like a buffet: get some boxing moves in, engage in energetic hip hop, bust some salsa moves and throw in some ballet steps and standing Pilates moves. Expect to focus on aspects of interval training and cardio.

Benefits for runners: Given the wide range of objectives in the Piloxing movement, a runner can expect enhanced flexibility, stamina, speed, agility and energy boosts that can cut from 500 to 1,000 calories fast. Expect your thighs, arms and gluts to improve, your cardiovascular system to benefit and don’t be surprised if your confidence spikes!

Availability in Singapore: Piloxing has reached many countries internationally, you can check out all the certified Piloxing instructors in Singapore and arrange for a class.

11. LaBlast

What is it: Are you a Dancing with the Stars fan? Is Louis van Amstel your favourite? Then LaBlast has your name written all over it.

How and why it’s done: This high-energy, dance-focused studio workout is like nothing you’ve experienced before and if you can pretend you’re auditioning for the TV reality show, you’ll never realize that you’re losing pounds and inches.

Benefits for runners: Let’s say that you have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to the gym because it’s just not your cup of tea, but you find out that the dance moves included in LaBlast can improve everything about the way you run. Would you try it out? Say yes to increase your cardio strength and tone your muscles.

Availability in Singapore: Not yet, but LaBlast classes exist in the U.S., Belgium, Canada, Germany and Netherlands; Singapore is bound to be next. Check the site frequently for news of its arrival.

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