Both running and exciting vacation destinations have always been popular pursuits. However, in recent years individuals who enjoy a vigorous, healthy lifestyle bolstered by running have begun to take advantage of vacations abroad as venues for that activity. Singaporeans can now have opportunities to run at such scenic places based outside our little island to make their travel experience much more vibrant and memorable outside. Here, we’ll look at some of the world’s most exciting destinations that offer travel packages for avid runners, both for the professional athlete in training and the dedicated amateurs of the running world.

Costa Brava

Location: Costa Brava
Type: Trail running, hiking

Cristina and Pablo started their own business that blends the finest tourist destinations with the incredible beauty of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. This is an exquisite country, characterised by its many coves, pale, silken beaches lapped by aquamarine waters, crumbling cliff escarpments, and charming Mediterranean coastal settlements.

This company offers a number of vacation packages, ranging from a single day tour to a six night/seven day ultimate experience that you can customise to fit your budget. Each day’s trek is outlined. The trails measure between 15 and 23 km and you can explore idyllic Iberian villages, medieval castles, and countryside accessible only by boat or foot. No matter which package you choose, you’ll be receiving a rare experience that will stay with you the rest of your days.

Run in the Highlands

Location: Scotland
Type: Running holidays, tours

Scotland boasts some of the most beautiful, wild country in the United Kingdom. Characterised by towering crags, open moorelands with complex and delicate ecosystems, and tumbling, peat-rich burns in sheltered corries, the countryside is perfect for runners.

Running the Highlands is a company that tailors running tours for professional and casual groups, offers prearranged vacation packages, and organises training weekends on a regular basis. They advocate support for runners of all ability levels and offer unique vacation experiences in a country where the people are as friendly as the landscape is enchanting.

Venezia on the Run

Location: Venice, Italy
Type: Running tours

Venice, Italy is a city everyone should visit at least once in life. Constructed on a series of marshy islands, this incredible, historic city is renowned for its complex culture, beautiful art, and inspiring architecture–also, the trademark canals and gondolas are still much in evidence.

Running tours organised by Venice Events began early to capitalize on the undisturbed quality of the city; free from the congestion of sightseeing groups, you’ll really be able to see the city and all its wonders. Packages are available and all details are clearly explored, advising runners of costs that are not included, such as ferry tickets.

Journey to the Antipodes

Location: Peru
Type: Trail running, trekking

The Andes mountain range stretches from north to south in South America, resembling a continental backbone. On one side, the lush Amazonian basin sprawls, luxuriant and diverse on the other, the Atacama desert and the Norte Chico share a tiny margin with the country of Chile. At the southern end of this range is the wild and glorious region of Patagonia.

Andes Adventures offers vacation packages for runners seeking both a personal challenge and the enrichment of travel to the diverse and exquisite regions encompassed by the range. If you are ready to journey to Machu Pichu, Patagonia, or the Atacama for a running adventure, this is your ticket.

In Peak Condition

Location: France, Italy and Switzerland
Type: Trail running, mountain running, speed hiking

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and forms a portion of a massif complex enough to challenge any outdoor enthusiast. Shared by Italy, France, and Switzerland, this region has a prestige to match both its alpine beauty and its elevation.

Sierra Mountain Guides offers a week-long trail running and speed hiking experience through this scenic region, with a fully planned itinerary of towns and spectacular sights along the way. This is one of the best scenic running trips out there.

Hobbits Not Included

Location: New Zealand
Type: Trail running, hiking

New Zealand is the location of otherworldly beauty and breathtaking vistas favoured by directors and cinematographers. It should come as no surprise then, that it’s also favoured by athletes of all varieties. New Zealand offers a number of challenging trails and heartstoppingly gorgeous views that are more than worth travel time and airfare.

New Zealand Travel offers a variety of running and multisport packages that include all the essentials once you arrive. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime running adventure trip you should make a priority.

The Midnight Sun

Location: Iceland
Type: Trail running

Iceland has a history as rich and amazing as its landscape. Stretching back into the Neolithic, the stories of this place and its people are informed by the land, even as the geography has been shaped by the hand of human history.

Arctic Running offers a number of all-inclusive packages that allow you to experience this place in the same way the first inhabitants of Iceland did on the landscape, beneath the open sky.

Bali Hai

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Type: Running tours

Experience the mysterious and lush isle of Bali. The culture is a syncretic balance of wisdom acquired by island living and transmuted variants of belief systems that arrived on the island over the centuries. Even in this tropical paradise, balance means survival.

Experience a serene week-long running adventure in this temptingly exotic setting. Swashbucklers have organised what they term a “runventure”, to include athletes of all levels. So, while you won’t be testing the limits of your endurance, you will be nourishing your sense of wonder, and that’s important, too.

Running Safaris

Location: Kenya, Africa
Type: Training, tour visits

Kenya is a region of dreams, filled with fascinating cultures and incredible landscapes. It offers wide vistas, highly varied ecosystems, and a host of proud and beautiful peoples.
This country is a dynamic tapestry of busy urban areas, rural communities, and managed wild spaces. Home to some of the most recognized running traditions; it offers wide open spaces to stretch the legs, while the scenery provides food for both the eye and the spirit.

With Micato Safaris, runners can join some of the world’s most accomplished athletes on an eight day, interactive tour that includes visits to Olympic, Nike, and adidas sponsored camps for runners in training. Here, they will participate in a variety of running events, seeing the countryside and meeting aspiring athletes along with many other people. The safari begins and ends in the distinctive metropolis of Nairobi, spanning eight days in total.

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