How to Become Rich by Running with Runister

by On Nov 8, 2016

Savvy athletes rely on apps to keep tabs on workout activities, so why not add a revenue-generating app to your cache and make money simply by running?

How to Become Rich By Running

If you’re an intercontinental traveller, currency conversions can be headache producing. Converting dollars to pounds or pesos to euros can keep travellers in constant calculation mode, but suppose we introduce you to the Runnie, a new currency that you earn simply by doing what you love. Run and earn? That’s exactly what you’ll do with Runister, the app that’s your conduit to as many Runnies as you care to accumulate.

Get paid to run? You bet!

Here’s the premise: “Runister is the first and only running application that rewards users with money.” Sounds simple? It should.

After all, you currently rely upon apps to dispense music picks, keep tabs on your heart rate, remind you to pick the kids up from school and track every calorie you consume.

You’re app rich — so why wouldn’t you add one more to your growing library if you knew it paid off in real cash in return for the number of miles or kilometers you run?

Besides, it costs nothing to download the basic Runister app and try it out, so even if you’re a “gross and net” thinker, you’ll quickly realise that Runnies are pure profit with very little investment.

Why Singapore is the ideal Runister market

The folks who came up with the ingenious idea to incentivise athletes by paying them cold, hard cash know this market intimately. Singaporeans are goal-oriented, ambitious strivers for whom running is a mission rather than just a way to stay fit. But, you knew this already, right?

Regardless of the running programme you follow, the Runister delivers all of the tracking features you require to run up a real time performance tally, and since the app boasts capacity for storage and retrieval of your workout data, Singaporeans are ideal candidates to take full advantage of this amazing new application.

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How to Become Rich By Running

Runister; sounds too good to be true

Your lone effort to get this program moving on your behalf doesn’t even require you to move to get started. You begin by downloading the app at the App store, and then get off that couch and run.

After your first 10 running sessions, you’ll know whether you wish to continue. To do that, you contact the head Runister and download the more sophisticated Runister Plus, the app that’s the conduit to your future wealth.

Incentivised, you continue to kiss your couch goodbye every time you hit the street or trail. As you amass those miles, you start collecting Runnies, the currency that drives your commitment forward. Run like crazy. Collect Runnies like crazy.

Even the conversion rate is easy to recall: for every mile or kilometer you run, a Runnie is added to your account. You bank them like an investment, only what investment have you ever made that contributes to your good health and well-being? That’s a rhetorical question, of course!

How to Become Rich By Running

Steve’s story

At first, Steve thought Runister was a joke, but since he had nothing to lose by downloading the free Runister app, it gave him the opportunity to see if his daily activity levels justified trying the system out. He followed prompts and did his thing. As a matter-of-fact, he became so intrigued with Runister, he realised that he was finding more excuses to run than ever. Even his wife noticed.

Once Steve realised that he was a good candidate for banking Runnies, he moved up to the next Runister Plus level that came with a membership cost of just S$2.98 monthly.

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He found that to be a modest fee in light of all of the work it took to manage his account, including calculating and reporting his distances, protecting and storing his data and tracking his Runnies.

As time passed, Steve’s mates began referring to him as The Runister. Some couldn’t hide their admiration. A few couldn't hide their envy as he showed them how he ascended through higher and higher levels, collecting “Runnies” along the way.

At one point, he ran a 5km marathon with his buddies and by the time he crossed the finish line, he showed them that S$13 had been added to his account.

It was bound to happen. Steve recruited more Runister members and what they loved most about the app and the system is that there’s no pressure! Some were interested in reaching the stars. Others were happy to stay at Level 1.

A few used Runnies to pay their monthly subscription fees, but it was on a night when they joked about paying a dinner tab with Runnies that they realised how invested they had become.

How to Become Rich By Running

Seven is heaven

Could you become enamoured with Runister and Runnies? It's possible. Especially if you have trouble motivating yourself to run as often as your doctor recommends.

Once you become accustomed to keeping track of your progress and managing your Runnies bank, you can relax knowing that the Runister system monitors your activities like a hawk. Move through seven levels of run performance that mark your progress, so you not only bank Runnies but the more you run, the more you earn.

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Of course, once you begin to accumulate wealth, you'll have decisions to make. Will you withdraw some so you can treat yourself to something you want via your PayPal account or, in the spirit of philanthropy, will you donate all or a portion of your Runnies to a charitable cause that is near and dear to your heart?

Your wish is Runister's command, so specify your wish and your funds will be disbursed accordingly.

How to Become Rich By Running

What to do with your first million

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll become a mogul, adding fiscal incentive to your life by doing what you already love is going to instil in you a new type of motivation.

Instead of staring at your tablet and foraging through the ‘fridge for snacks, your instinct is going to take over and send this message to your brain: “Couch Potato, why are you here when you could be toning your calves and making Runnies?”

If you can see yourself doing just this, we urge you to try the introductory app out right now because there’s zero risk and plenty to be gained.

Can you imagine what your reaction might be if you awoke one morning to find that all of your apps had disappeared from your electronic devices during the night? We’d love to know what you would do!

Download the Runister App in iOS now!

Update, 14 November 2017: Runister has removed the runnies and payout in real currency directly to your PayPal account.

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