Valentine’s day may just be over but you do not need a special day to show your affection or be romantic, and for runners, who says running can’t be a romantic romp in the park? True, you and your honey are likely to get all hot and sweaty if you pick up the pace and run your race, but after all, hot and heavy are the trademarks of a great love affair.

The best romantic gestures on the planet require a little planning—some gestures take a lot of planning—but doesn’t your sweetest running companion deserve as much TLC (tender loving care) as you can conjure without letting her in on the surprise? We’ve come up with a dozen ideas guaranteed to delight your sweetheart—particularly if your running schedule hogs a lot of your time and you’re looking for a way to reward your love’s devotion and patience.

Just For Women

    1. Write a long love letter to the runner in your life and slip it into his gym bag. Better yet, write him an original poem that extolls the virtues of a loving partner who cares enough about his health and well-being to care for his body by maintaining a steady workout schedule.
    2. Create a coupon for a full-body massage and give it to your sweetheart after he has completed his regular conditioning session or run. Make the simple coupon on your computer, insert artistic heart and flower art touches. Alternately, tuck the coupon under his pillow or hide it in his gym bag. You can also attach it to a towel that reads: “To be used when I give you a full body massage after your run, so hurry home!”
    3. Pack and prepare healthy snacks into a little paper bag and hang it from the doorknob, so it’s the first thing he sees when he leaves for his regular run, training session or the gym. Decorate the bag with hearts, flowers or stickers—silly images like cartoons and emoticons are okay, too. Just make sure you sign the bag, “Love and kisses.”
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  1. Buy him one of those new wrist devices—the ones that track distance, count calories and check pulse and heart rate. Your loved one will be happily shocked—especially if he couldn’t afford one. To make sure you can afford this technological gift, save a little money each time you get paid so you don’t have to put it on a credit card. That shows him you’re every bit as practical as he is!
  2. Accompany your love on part of his run, even if you have cleverly managed to avoid undertaking any type of running program yourself. Who knows—you may find your gesture to be so much fun, you become a convert to the amazement of your lover who always held out hope that you would adopt his favourite athletic pursuit eventually.
  3. Do you know what size running shoes your honey wears? Find out and then surprise the love of your life with a new pair to show your love. You might want to present them while serving him breakfast in bed. Just don’t be surprised if he decides not to slip them on until later in the day!

Just for Men

    1. Have a soothing tub brimming with hot water awaiting your favourite runner when she returns from her workout. Scatter rose petals over the water or use floral-scented bath oils to fill the tub with sweet smells and/or bubbles. Warm her towel and wrap her in a warm robe when she’s reluctantly ready to emerge from the tub.
    2. Buy her the pair of running shorts she’s had her eye on if you’re on a limited budget and want her to know that you listen to her when she talks about the things she would love to own. No idea which pair of shorts works for her? Check out our outfit of the week series to have some inspiration. Just make sure you check out the colours of her running gear so you don’t buy loud yellow shorts when her preferred colour palette is say, cool shades of blue and green.
    3. Wash her running clothes! You read that right, Mister. If she tends to your wash, don’t you owe her a little reciprocity? Call your mum if you don’t know how to run the washer and then take care of washing, drying and folding her running duds in exactly the same manner she does when caring for your sweaty gear. Just keep these clothes caring tips in mind and don’t spoil her clothing.
    4. Find a spot close to the end of trail your beloved runner takes, and then pop out to surprise her when she least expects it. Present her with a picnic basket filled with treats she loves and enjoy the repast under the trees. Oh, and do clean up the mess when you’re done—don’t let her do it if you know what’s good for you.
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  1. Purchase lotions and creams made exclusively for foot massages and then pick a post-run time to spring the surprise of a foot massage on your lover. Here’s your protocol: escort her to the couch where all of the accoutrements for your specialized foot treatment await. Need guidance? Search the web for “foot pampering” instructions so you impress your sweetheart with your skills.
  2. Contact members of your sweetheart’s running club and arrange to present her with a token of your devotion in front of the entire crowd. Sure, you’re shy, but when it comes to surprises, absolutely nothing takes the place of proclaiming your love before others. And if the item you plan to present happens to be an engagement ring, you’re going to set the stage for a proposal that will be remembered for the rest of your lives! By the way, if you plan that proposal for the finish line of a marathon, your surprise will be newsworthy, so maybe you want to notify the media. Select from a list of great running events in Singapore that is most suitable for you to pop the question. Just don’t be shocked if her legs buckle. Proposals can do that to a girl!

Everyday is a Valentine’s Day

Are you in love with a runner? Of course you are—they’re loveable creatures. Has our list given you any ideas? We’d love to hear from you if you’ve come up with a romantic gesture that tops anything we have suggested here!

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