What’s the best way to tell the cat in your life how much she means to you? Sign up for the Run for Love Online affair that gives you from 14 to 24 February to accrue a set distance goal. You start the process on Valentine’s Day, so it’s like sending a Valentine to the cats of the world.

We have it on good authority from cat lovers that one of the best ways to stick to this commitment is to look your kitty in the face and tell her you’re all in. If she insists, she can sit beside you when you sign up at Spacebib, but watch those paws.

Your intention may be to do the 5.2km or 8.31km category, but if your cat worries that you don’t push yourself hard enough, she may choose the 13.14km on your behalf with a single paw swipe.

Why run for these adorable pets?

Having mentioned the fact that cats know what’s good for you and that Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to show them some love, it’s time you learned that just hanging around with cats is a mental and physical health booster.

Scientists have proven that stroking your best bud can lower your blood pressure. What you may not realize is that your body is releasing feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine with every stroke of her fur.

You wouldn’t be the first runner to discover that a relationship with a cat feels like falling in love with a member of the opposite sex. Trust us on this. So what better way to show your kitty some love than by participating in an online run that coincides with Valentine’s Day?

About the online race

If this is the first time you’ve thought about running an online race, allow us to tell you that you could fall as much in love with a virtual event as the way you feel about your cat. Once you’ve signed up, enlist your favourite tracking device or GPS-enabled running app to do all of the hard work.

Every time you undertake a run—morning, lunchtime, nighttime, your call–you submit your results to the profile you’ve created on Spacebib and that’s all you need do beside keep up the pace and make sure you complete your objective. What do you need to stay motivated? You’ve already got a furry ally by your side.

You may also wish to peruse the lively article RunSociety article posted just a few months ago that describes a similar type of run. As you can tell, these are no ordinary online races; they’re better!

Cat got your tongue?

Whether your feline is a male or female—housebound, an escape artist or you’ve leash trained him—you know that he or she will be cheering you on as only a cat can do. But we encourage you to find your inner purr and let the other animal lovers in your life know about this first-time run. Consider this your Valentine to them as well.

Finishers get all of the perks expected of an in-person race: an adorable “Run For Love 2019” finisher t-shirt and medal that’s covered with cat art, from the ribbon to the heart-shaped medal itself. Even the color of each medal has great significance.

What’s your reward for fitting this howling great event into your schedule? Bragging rights. The aforementioned goodies that put your passion for cats on display every time you wear either the shirt or the medal. And if your cat is as smart and savvy as you think she is, she might even reward you by letting you sleep in instead of tapping your face in the early morning hours to remind you that an empty food bowl awaits!

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Will you give a gift to someone you love, dispense extra treats to your pet or just give yourself the gift of running that day?

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