Following the success of Runninghour 2017: Run So Others Can, Runninghour is back again with it’s fourth edition! This year, Runninghour is back with an aim in mind to spread awareness and understanding towards a wider group of Persons with Special Needs (PWSN), through the avenue of physical fitness.

This year’s theme for Runninghour is Run For Inclusion which is the only Singapore’s mass running event where participants get to run alongside hearing, intellectually, physically and visually-challenged runners.

About Run For Inclusion

You may have not joined any of Runninghour’s running event editions, but be sure to join this one if you wish to support people with mental health issues. This year, Runninghour 2018 will be taking place on 26 August 2018.

The flag-off timing for Runninghour 2018 will be at Bishan Park, 5 p.m. There is an early bird registration of up to S$5 off for you to grab! But if you missed the early bird registration date, no worries because you have till 12 August to save yourself a slot in Runninghour 2018.

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Which category would be suitable for me?

Runninghour 2018 is a four-category event with a personalised distance, 3.5km walk or run, 6km walk or run and a 12km run. For those who are wondering what a personalised distance is, it is a run where you get to run any distance you want to but the distance is kept at 3.5km. There is no age limit and and any gender is welcome to participate in this category. This category is perfect for those who wishes to run lesser or start at a lesser distance.

For the 3.5km walk or run, it is a non-competitive category with an age limit of 6 years old and above and for the 6km walk or run, it is also a non-competitive category with an age limit of 8 years old and above. Both of the 3.5km and 6km welcomes any gender who wishes to participate in the respective categories.

For participants who desire to run further, there is a 12km run. It is a non-competitive category with an age limit of 13 years old and above. Just like the other three categories, it welcomes any gender who wishes to run further.

Photo Credit: Runninghour

What’s there in it for me?

Don’t you feel the feeling of satisfaction when you do a good deed? We are sure you do and with doing good deeds, Runninghour will be giving out their uniquely designed event tee, a special edition eye-mask and ear plug. Well, you definitely won’t be receiving just that because once you have completed your walk or run, you’ll be receiving a finisher medal regardless of the category distance that you take part in.

At the event itself, there is an empathy run segment that you can take part in. Participation is optional but you are definitely encouraged to take part in the empathy run segment for a total difference experience.

In the empathy run segment, you will get to experience and have a glimpse of the challenges that different groups of people with special needs faced. It is definitely a great segment for people to take part in as through that segment, people will be able to appreciate more of what they have.

Photo Credit: Runninghour

Be a part of Runninghour 2018

Finally decided to be a part of Runninghour? That’s great! Now all you have to do is:

  • Visit Spacebib to register for your run.
  • Collect your race pack following the allocated date.
  • Wear the uniquely designed event tee that you collected during repc.
  • And turn up and run on the day of the race!

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Come and join this event to make a difference.

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Nathan Lin

Nathaniel is a certified personal trainer from Hong Kong and holds a master’s degree in psychology and exercise physiology. As a columnist for RunSociety, he aims to provide the readers with the information they need to make educated and informed health and fitness decisions, yet often adding in his funny observations.

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