People started walking and running millions of years ago during the early days when humans were created. Pheidippides was an ancient Greek who placed running on the map. He ran 149 miles to deliver news of a Persian landing. The modern Olympic Games started in 1896, and athletes commemorated this event by running the first running marathon. Running took a prominent place in the field of sport during the 19th century. In the 1800’s, children had already started competing in running races. Many Americans were running spectators instead of participants during Jesse Owens era.

Studies have proven that rigorous exercise such as running has many health benefits. The American College of Sports Medicine Position Statement on exercise provides a number of studies that prove the health benefits of exercise. Based on the studies conducted, researchers found that the more exercise a person does and the harder they do it will determine the benefits they will get.

8 Benefits Why You Should Consider Running

Healthy Heart

The best way to ensure a healthy heart is by running early in the morning. Regular running promotes good blood circulation and reduces the chances of having a heart attack and stroke.

Weight loss

An average runner burns approximately 1,000 calories every hour during a training session. This helps runners have a fit and perfectly shaped body.


Running on a regular basis helps improve the bone density in the back. This exercise also strengthens the muscles. This is because running promotes continuous taxing of the muscles and bones. This maintains strong bones that are not easily weakened by aging.

Mental Health

Regular running can uplift the mood and build self esteem. It also increases a person’s self confidence as they reach their fitness or weight loss goals. Mild depression can also be resolved by running.


Endorphins are hormones produced by the body during exercise. This hormone is responsible for making people feel happy. Studies show that people who run are happier than those who do not. Regular running also improves a person’s behavior. Runners become more patient and even-tempered.


Running can improve a person’s appetite because they will burn more calories. Regular exercise also promotes good digestion.


Being healthy helps a person sleep well. Studies show that runners find it easier to sleep than other people. This ensures that they get sufficient sleep before they run in the morning.


Running at least 30 minutes every five days can reduce the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. However, runners still need to watch their sugar and carbohydrate intake.

How about using a treadmill?

Running both outdoors and on the treadmill can help runners stay fit and healthy. Many distance runners use a treadmill to avoid training injuries. The only difference is in the amount of calories burned. Studies show that running outdoors burns more calories. The absence of air resistance while running on a treadmill causes a minimal difference in the amount of calories burned. However, runners who prefer treadmills often elevate it by 1 percent which will help to regulate training.

Running Safety

Accidents are possible in any sport. However, a recent study has shown that running fewer than twenty miles per week can reduce a person’s chances of getting an injury. New research conducted on running injuries found the following.

  • The incidence of foot, ankle and leg injuries varies from about 20 to 80 percent. It is often hard to determine who will be injured due in large part to the wide range of differences in runners.
  • The most commonly injured body part is the knee.
  • Increasing the distance every week was not a factor in injury. In fact, it protects runners from injury
  • Running over 40 miles in a week increases injury risk for both males and females.

The Bottom Line

Running is a great form of exercise by itself. In addition, athletes use running to train and excel for various sports and competition. There are a number of reasons why running is the exercise choice. However, the primary reason why people love to run may come from the balance of easy and effectiveness that running offers. People can run anywhere, and no special equipment is required. With this, they can obtain a great cardiovascular workout without the hassles.

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