Runners that give evening/afternoon training a try report seem to be stronger and faster. Additionally, they go on longer in comparison to running early in the morning. So what’s the reason? In addition to the muscles and body being relaxed, lung power is 7% better in the afternoon compared to any other time of the day.

Did you know that your body reaches its peak performance in the afternoon. At this time, the temperature of the body is at its highest. The muscles are flexible and warm. What’s more is the fact that environmental temperature is at its most favorable in terms of performance.

This explains why most athletes break running records in the evening/afternoon. Some countries schedule athletic events around this time due to these reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why you should run at the hottest time in the day:

#1: Lung Function and Body Temperature

Most of the functions that are essential to putting a great run have a tendency to peak simultaneously every day. Body temperature is one of these fluctuations.

According to scientists, body temperature tends to be at its lowest during early morning hours and peaks mid-to-late afternoon. Athletes perform better whenever their body temperature is higher. Perhaps, this explains why tend to prefer to run later in the day.

#2: The Diet Factor

Running first thing when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach might be highly difficult compared to running in the afternoon. This is because your energy stores might be depleted overnight when you’re asleep.

When you run in the morning, the same level of exertion tends to feel much harder than at any other time of the day. Running in the afternoon gives you ample time to not only digest your meal but also obtain the necessary energy from your lunch. The only caveat is to wait for some few hours after consuming your heavy lunch in order to avoid having trouble with digestion.

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#3: Great Distraction from the Day’s Stress

Is your day turning out for the worse? Are you experiencing a workload? Is your boss giving a piece of his or her stress? Are you tired from sitting behind your computer desk the entire day?

Why not take a necessary break and step out for an afternoon run? Taking an afternoon run in the midst of all your stress whether at work or home acts as an ideal distraction. Running will not only give you a chance to unwind but also forget about whatever is giving you stress.

#4: Weather

As much as athletes perform better when their body temperature is higher, it’s also crucial to keep in mind of the temperature outside. Whenever the temperature is over 55 degrees F, you’re going to run slowly and feel much worse compared to when temperatures are lower.

This is according to Jeff Galloway, a marathon expert. Acclimating your body to running at high temperatures goes miles to improve athletic performance.

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#5: Great for giving you a Much Better Sleep

Do you belong to the new club of ‘live’ at dusk? If yes, then there’s no doubt that exercising during the afternoon will certainly help to expend energy at peak productivity throughout the day.

After your workout, your body is tired and thus you sleep much better and faster. In fact, you’re able to sleep soundly. In the morning, you’ll certainly wake up refreshed and at peace.

In Summary

Many people are of the opinion that the most effective time to exercise and run is in the morning. Granted, running in the morning brings with it its own benefits. However, it also has its downsides.

Actually, some health experts offer solid explanations that point to the picture that running in the afternoon is no less effective compared to running in the morning or late in the night. Clearly, there’s plenty of reasons you should try running during the afternoon.

Running in the afternoon might not be ideal to some people. However, experts believe that afternoon runs are of great benefits in terms of health. The above are just some of the reasons why you should run at the hottest time in the day.

Do you like to run in the afternoon?

Dr Vicky Lauren

Dr. Vicky Lauran is a certified holistic life coach and nutritionist, she also has 8 years' experience as a power yoga instructor and holds a Ph.D. in exercise, nutrition and health. She has worked with major online publishers like Web MD and Huffington Post and now is a residential contributor at RunSociety. She loves bringing what she knows to the community and hopes to help everyone on the road to happiness.

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