Lim Yew Khuay Shares His Secret of 9 Years of Solo Running Success

by On Sep 25, 2019

He’s fast as lightning, but 9-year running veteran Lim Yew Khuay believes that being focused and dedicated is equally important when running solo.

Lim Yew Khuay Shares His Secret of 9 Years of Running Success

When reporters write about running enthusiasts, they may need proper shoes to keep pace with their subjects. Solo Run Ambassador—Lim Yew Khuay didn't make us run while we asked our questions, but he made us promise to follow in his footsteps once the interview was done!

RS: What inspired you to run solo and why do it?

YK: Running solo suits me perfectly because I can fit it into my busy schedule. I always choose an idyllic place to run alone. My favorite is Desa Park City.

Running is real and relatively simple...but it ain't never give up!

RS: What are your favourite pre-race and post-race meals?

YK: I try to eat light meals before I run. Porridge, noodles or liquid foods prepare me for my race. After I finish, my next move is to rehydrate my body. I replenish my electrolytes even before I think about what I’m going to eat.

RS: How has running alone changed your lifestyle? Why?

YK: I think running alone makes me more disciplined, and solo runs allow me to meditate and avoid thinking about work and life issues. When I finish a solo run, I often approach life in a more dynamic way.

Lim Yew Khuay Shares His Secret of 9 Years of Running Success

RS: Solo running sounds challenging. How do you motivate yourself when running solo?

YK: I think it is very important to have a goal. If I know that I must achieve a certain distance or complete a run by a specific time, my run takes on more purpose and I find that I focus better, no matter what challenge I face.

RS: Can you describe what is on your mind when you run alone?

YK: I don’t think much during my run. I usually listen to music and that stimulates my mind and my imagination.

RS: Have you encountered disappointing races or workouts? How do you motivate yourself to try again?

YK: I am happy to say that for me, there are no disappointing workouts because running is such a happy experience for me! What do I do when I don’t feel ready for a race? I call it off, so I don’t risk an injury.

RS: How you maintain a healthy diet given your active lifestyle?

YK: I eat to live, so I often eat the same meals daily, but I never get bored. Sometimes, I watch what I eat so I don’t overdo it, but I am not too particular about meals as long as I eat food in moderation.

Lim Yew Khuay Shares His Secret of 9 Years of Running Success

RS: Do you have advice or tips for beginners who are considering running solo?

YK: Women, especially, must take safety measures when running alone, but men can use the same advice. Every solo runner must stay alert to their surroundings. My final advice to new solo runners is to run your own race or workout, not someone else’s. Find your own pace and stamina and remember that running is real and relatively simple...but it ain't never give up!

Yew Khuay had shown us his unflagging dedication at every step for the past 9 years. Running solo could be lonesome for some runners, but for Lim, it has a different meaning.

After reading Yew Khuay’s story, do you feel more comfortable at the prospect of running alone—whether it's a regular workout or by participating in the upcoming Solo Run Online Race? It's a great way to get started; what do you have to lose?

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