A leading grass root triathlon series in Thailand, the Tri Dash Bangkok is the first triathlon race experience for hundreds of athletes. A series of mini triathlons held near Bangkok, Thailand throughout the year, these races are ideal for novices and for pushing experienced pros to go faster.

First, groups are flagged off according to their swimming ability. The swim is done in a 50 metre Olympic-calibre pool, which is shallow enough for participants to walk in periodically if they aren’t strong swimmers.

The next biking section is on a quiet country road, shaded by rubber plantations, around the Bangpoo Golf & Sports Club House. Following the same out and back route, is the run segment will be on a closed road with little obstructive traffic.

Participants don’t have to complete the whole distance the first time. In fact, you can always cut the swim, bike or run short, making this the perfect introduction to ease into the triathlon sport.

What to Opt For?

There are various races every month; the next one available is on Sunday, 3 April 2016 while the last race for the year will be on Sunday, 6 November 2016.

Challenge yourself in something different like the Handicap Pursuit Dash, where athletes are handicapped based on their last time at one of the previous Dash races and are sent off in reverse order.

Another interesting contest is the Elimination Dash which has 3 rounds. Everyone races in the first round but only the top 64 men and 16 women can continue to the 2nd round, followed by the top 8 men and 8 women for the third qualifying round.

Online registration is now open. Entry fees are as follows:

  • Dash (400 m Swim, 20 km Bike, 5 km Run), or Handicap Pursuit Dash – THB 1,050
  • Medium Dash (600 m Swim, 30 km Bike, 7.5 km Run) – THB 1,200
  • Long Dash (800 m Swim, 40 km Bike, 10km Run), or Elimination Dash – THB 1,350

For more information about the Tri Dash Series, please visit their official website.

Did you know? Running shouldn’t be the only sport you do, so why not take up swimming and/or cycling to go with your regular runs?

On that note, have you tried triathlon racing? If yes, has it changed your love for running? 

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