Where were you in 1972? If you’re a Millennial, you weren’t born yet, so you’d have no recollection of the first Inter-Ministry Games staged in Singapore that year. Does that mean you can’t join the run that’s part of a splashy athletic celebration now known as the Star Games?

Of course not. You can even celebrate the growth of this once-small undertaking by showing up early on the morning on Sunday, 8 November when the 2015 running event kicks off at The Float on Marina Bay. If you miss participating, you’ll regret it!

What’s the CSC Run?

It’s part of games organised by Singapore’s Civil Service Club and a key event on the Public Service Star Games calendar staged each year to encourage the community and public service workers to make good on promises to live healthy lifestyles!

By registering to arrive with the birds at 4:45 a.m., you can make a statement about your commitment to and passion for running.

Why Would You Want to Get Up at That Early Hour?

To support the backbone of Singapore’s nationwide initiative to get and stay fit and show your support for the Civil Service Club, a philanthropic organisation promoting recreational endeavours associated with government-supported schools, universities, private corporations, boards and civil servants who are literally the stars of the Star Games.

Expect to meet other sleepyheads at the run start line, so if you don’t function well that early in the morning, ask a taxi driver to get you to 20 Raffles Avenue before 5 a.m. and nap along the way.

Who can Participate in the CSC Run?

Just about everyone over the age of 16 as of 8 November 2015, except a select group of civil servants who can’t compete in public service categories because they are professional members of run clubs, full-time national service members or Singapore representatives at the Olympics, Asian Games, SEA Games or Commonwealth Games between 2013 and 2015.

Who Will Win the CSC Run by the Bay 2015?

If only we had a crystal ball so we could share this revelation with you, but suffice to say there will be lots of winners, which is why this multi-sport event has grown from 3,400 participants in 1997 to 17,360 in 2013!

From men’s and women’s open events to competitions exclusively for public servants, the sheer depth and breadth of the annual CSC Bay Run and Star Games are enough to take your breath away.

It’s okay to look forward to benefits you receive – like making new friends or setting a new personal best – but getting “stuff” is a fun part of the experience, too.

Receive a Run by the Bay Newton singlet, a race bib and sponsor gifts when you arrive, and if you achieve success in your category, you could land a finisher medal and finisher t-shirt. Strive for the biggest running goal of all — finishing the daunting 21 km run — and wear your Run by the Bay Newton finisher t-shirt all the time so the world can see what you’ve accomplished.

How to Register for CSC Run by the Bay?

It’s important to know that early bird registration ends on 31 July 2015, so you can’t be lax if you want to save a little money. Be advised that there are no refunds, even if you insist that you must attend to your ailing Granny.

Register for both public service and open category competitions.

If you represent a team, company or organisation and plan to run as a member, you can register the entire group at the same time, knowing that each member qualifies for individual events, too. There are pre-conditions governing team formation, so be sure to read about them on the CSC Run by the Bay website.

At least 5,000 contestants are expected to be on hand to compete, but the CSC run won’t be the same if you’re not among them. With early registration closing on July 31st, now’s the time to get your name in the game!

RunSociety is the official online media for CSC Run by the Bay 2015.

Enjoy running at the bay at your own pace, join a Spacebib virtual race to hit your fitness goal.

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