Regardless of the stereotypical remarks, it is no doubt that attending Polytechnic allows students to spread their wings and develop as a person. Furthermore, lecturers guide these lost sheep into discovering their hidden talents over the three years while the students have the opportunity to excel at their preferred course.

Of course, what does this information have to do with running? Hundreds and thousands of students dreaded taking the “NAPFA” test back in secondary school and with attending Polytechnic, they need not fear anymore. However, keeping fit by running benefits you more than you think. Thus, here are some reasons why every polytechnic or in fact any student in Singapore should start running.

Health is Wealth

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, by running every day, it is clear as day that it would be good for your overall health. However, do not misunderstand me when I mentioned “running every day”, I don’t mean running 2.4km or a full marathon distance every day.

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Studies have shown that by running a simple 5-10 minutes with a moderate pace, it is healthy enough. Additionally, it reduces the risk of major health conditions while boosting the immune system and increasing lung capacity for the future use.

By any chance that you are a beginner, start by running every other day to prevent potential burnouts or injuries. Unless you are an experienced runner, by all means, schedule your weekly training with plenty of variety such as working on strength, stamina and speed.

Where got Time?

“I have school the whole day! There’s no time to run!”

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Well, either you are simply lazy or you really dread running as an exercise. With proper time management, there is always extra time to spend on other things. The school provides an abundant amount of treadmills all around campus. Therefore, no matter rain or shine, the opportunity to run is always available.

Increasing Memory Capacity

Running has been significantly proven that it helps the growth of brain cells integrated with memory retention. This means that students are enhanced to sharpen their minds and focus better during both lectures and tutorials. On top of that, regular running helps remodel the brain to make sure the body is calm and stress resistant while granting the ability to remember better.

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Wouldn’t this be your cheat sheet for every examination? Or would you just risk cramping everything in your head just the night before? In the long run, it reduces symptoms of dementia and protects the brain against Alzheimer disease.

Feel Great About Yourself

Running is one of the best forms of exercise to burn off those extra calories while potentially developing an ideal six pack or those slim waistlines. As a normal human being, I’m sure that with a slim body, you will feel extra confident in expressing yourself among your friends. At the same time, it leaves you feeling much happier and stress-free during your daily activities.

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Not to mention, snap those insta-worthy bodies and make the others jealous of you!

Stress-Free Days

Feeling stress leads to procrastination, procrastination leads to time wastage. Stress causes multiple health conditions and mood swings in which include the loss of appetites and destroying sleep schedule. In the long run, it causes a change in your respective hormones that lead to a rise in blood sugar levels and developing serious heart conditions which are dangerous.

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Run those stress away by forcing your body to exert external energy and hormones. This allows you to have a better perspective on life while spreading positivity to everyone else.

Importance of Sleep

It is normal for polytechnic students to mug overnight before an important examination. Yet, the longer hour you work, the more tired you will get, which leads you to be prone to the sluggishness that blocks the creativity.

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Runners in running groups were found to sleep better by showing signs of improved psychological functioning and better focus during the day. They tend to follow sleeping routines in order to maintain their peak performance. Don’t get enough sleep, and the opposite will happen.

Do not succumb to those that keep mentioning “Sleep is for the weak!”

IPPT Benefits

This is only directed to the male readers. If you don’t know what is the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), you need to read up fast. These “lucky” ones are selected to finish up their respective physical test in order to place them in their respective army vocation in the future.

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I’m sure you would know by now that IPPT has incentives upon achieving specific points. Why not start early now in Polytechnic and train constantly so that you can achieve the Gold award? Here are the awards awarded upon achieved:

  • Gold: 85 points, $500
  • Silver: 75 points, $300
  • Pass with Incentives: 61 points, $200

Obviously, these will only be provided after your BMT as IPPTs taken in BMT are considered Training, and Training do not have incentives. Besides, who doesn’t want free money for just running?

Expectations Vs Reality

Improvement of health certainly doesn’t come in a snap. The process can last a month or two, depending on your situations. Learning to endure 30-45 minutes of running during training will provide a sense of contentment movements. This is the works of endorphins beginning to develop intensively in a well-trained body while the existence of euphoria promotes confidence and good mood for the whole day.

Therefore, take note of how you run, stay safe and run on.

Do these reasons satisfy you to start running? What kind of regiments will you follow? Share we us in the comments down below.

Cherment Tay

What used to be a couch potato, now an active sports person. A person that enjoys all kinds of sports, especially Ultimate Frisbee. Running constantly on the weekends to keep himself fit as a fiddle.

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