When was the last time you outraced a unicorn? Preposterous, you say?

Not if you take advantage of an upcoming virtual run that could give you bragging rights and perks guaranteed to color your world.

The 2022 (2nd edition) Holo Run has been designed to bring out the wonder you enjoyed as a kid, back in the day unicorns were very real in children’s imaginations.

This virtual run will spark your imagination, too

The official race start date is Saturday, April 9, 2022 which is the Unicorn Day.

Imagine a unicorn flagging off contestants from around the world who love the fact that they can use whatever athletic activity their prefer to complete a variety of distance challenges that include 3 distances of 5KM, 21KM or the epitome of accomplishment, the 42KM.

There is no shortage of ways to accomplish the goal you set: Run, hike, hit the stairs or treadmill, use a cycle or elliptical, swim, do aerobics, practice your Yoga moves or hit the gym at your own pace.

This dizzying array of options could feel overwhelming, but with unicorns involved, would you expect anything else?

By the way, if you’d like to mix and match activities to reach your goal, that’s okay, too. It’s your race and we don’t want you to get bored.

Can you be stylish and fierce at the same time?

You bet. One of the primary goals of the folks at Spacebib who dreamed up this unique event is to challenge your inner unicorn, making this the most stylish race on the planet.

Holographic Holo Run unicorn medal with glittering rainbow dust! Only a limited number produced in the world.

You’ve got lots of time to accomplish your personal mission, so if you want to shop for new fashion to get you into the mood, do it during the race period.

The theme of the Holo Run tells you everything you want to know about this virtual event: it’s the most stylish and fashionable race on planet earth.

This is no time to be shy about what you wear or how you intend to channel your inner unicorn to inspire your athletic prowess.

Tracking your progress is as easy as using your choice of running app, pedometer, fitness device, smart watch, and indoor treadmill tracker.

You just upload those numbers to your Spacebib account and voila! You’re good to go. Want more info before you say yes? Visit the race page and consider yourself well-informed.

Rewards? Oh, my! Wait until you see what’s waiting for you

Have we hired a unicorn to consult on the perks every runner earns for participating in and potentially finishing their race?

Get a stylish Holographic tote bag worth $59.90 for FREE if you sign up during the promotion period.

That’s for us to know, but rest assured, the items included in the Holo Run library of goodies are going to hype your interest even more.

For starters, you get your hands on an eBib, eBadge and eCertificate as soon as you choose your distance and sign up.

Now comes the fun: finisher medals you must see to believe are lavished with shiny color and holographic touches, each one a thick masterpiece of achievement made of eco-friendly 100% recycled metal inscribed with the specific event over which you were victorious.

A transparent holographic lanyard comes with every medal, so you glitter even more when you wear your accomplishment.

Exclusive holographic tote bags shimmer with silver, but since only a limited of these free bags are being made, they will be given on a first come first served basis.

Further, participants also receive fashion-forward singlets or t-shirts that feature more holographic touches that commemorate this one-of-a-kind event.

These fashionable unisex garments are not just practical but comfortable and there’s a reason they’re made in dark colors: Your finisher medal is going to look awesome displayed against your shirt.

Obey the rules once you sign up for the Holo Run because your inner unicorn will be keeping tabs on your behavior as you – and possibly your best pals if you sign up as a group – have something to prove to yourself.

What better way to do just that than by becoming a member of the very powerful unicorn herd where wearing a horn to hit your numbers is always optional?

What is the Holo Run Online Race?

The Holo Run Online Race is a unique and original virtual race that is created by Spacebib with a Holographic theme to celebrate the mythical unicorn on National Unicorn Day (9 April).

How do I join the Holo Run Online Race?

Simply head over to spacebib.com and sign up for the race online. Anyone from around the world can join the race as international shipping is available.

How do I complete the Holo Run Online Race?

You can choose to complete the race by clocking the required category distance that you have signed up for within the race period from anywhere and anytime. You can clock the distance with any qualifying activities such as, running, cycling, swimming and more. Once the race has started, log in to your Spacebib account to upload your race results.

Why should I join the Holo Run Online Race?

If you want to stay active in style, then you should definitely join the most stylish online race ever created with amazing race items that is bragworthy! Every edition of the Holo Run has been sold out, so you might wish to sign up early to secure a limited race slot.

Holo Run Online Race 2022

Run with style with the most stylish Holo Run (2nd edition) with more different distance categories to celebrate Unicorn Day!

Event Meta
Holo Run Online Race 2022
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Start Date
April 9, 2022 12:00 am
End Date
December 31, 2022 12:00 pm
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February 1, 2022 12:00 pm
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