Even though I try to treat my body well, sometimes stress, work and family obligations interfere with my healthy eating habits and usual training diet. When it happens, I have to work hard to get back on track, particularly if an important running event is on my calendar.

One of the products I’ve considered trying is the one-two-three punch of Antidote Pre and Post Workout beverages. I understand that these scientifically-developed drinks can not only turn my physiological health around, but get my head straight, too. After all, how can I maximise my performance if my body and mind refuse to cooperate? To learn more, I did a little research, tried them personally and thought you might be interested in what I found!

What is It?

Antidote Pre and Post Workout Pack consists of six bottles (two each of three type) of nut milks and cold-pressed juices that are vital for runners who need boosted endurance levels before, during and after a workout or a run. With this product, I don’t have to get caught up in time-consuming energy drink preparation (and the clean-up!). These beverages are no-brainers: I drank the red juice to rev up my body before a race, sipped the white beverage during or just after my run and consumed the green one post-run, when my muscles need to heal and my energy needs a boost. I like an uncomplicated way to keep my system and my legs running at maximum capacity!

Three bottles? Each a different colour and timing? How easy. The name of raw cold-pressed juices looks bitter to me, especially the green juice, but to my surprise, it isn’t bitter at all! In fact, they all are naturally sweet. My personal favourite has to be the white one – Cashew Coconut Milk. How cooling and refreshing to gulp the cold thirst-quencher down after a long run.

How It’s Made

When I learned how painstaking the Pre and Post juice formula manufacture is—from growing, processing and bottling, I was impressed. Organic gardeners, like those at the venerable Quan Fa Organic Farm, take a holistic approach to growing and nurturing raw ingredients used to compound all three Antidote Workout Pack drinks. I can forget about harmful pesticides and fertilizers because only sustainable growing methods are used to raise every plant on the farm. I also like the fact that Dr. Cheryl Yeo, with a PhD in chemistry from the National University of Singapore, is the Antidote’s resident nutritional consultant, so I don’t have to worry about professional oversight, either.

Is It Better For You?

I’ve always owned a juicer and relied upon it to whip up smoothies and energy-boosting recipes to help power my body, but now, I wonder if I should give mine away! When I read about Antidote pre and post-race formulations, I learned that electric juicers can decrease the nutritional value of a raw food blend because the blades in the machine generate heat that causes nutrient loss. Oh my! And the foam I always like atop my drink? That is a sign of oxidation. On the other hand, Antidote cold-presses fruits and veggies so nutrients don’t disappear, thus these beverages are packed with everything a runner like me needs to perform and heal.

Runner’s Boon

As someone who is considering abandoning my juicer and trying the Antidote Pre and Post Workout Pack, I wanted to identify the product’s biggest benefits and here are my top three:

  • Convenience. I’m busy, busy, busy and most of us are too. I have no time to prepare recipes and clean up after.
  • Product integrity. I love the fact that these beverages are made of organic foods and processed in accordance with strict hygiene protocols.
  • Pride. What can I say? Buying Singapore-made products is the best reason of all to order this Antidote trio! I do like supporting our nation’s businesses.

Runner’s Bane

No product, no matter how professionally it’s prepared, is without its negatives, and here are factors that I find a bit disconcerting:

  • Cost. While not outrageously expensive, six bottles of Antidote Pre and Post Workout Pack could put a dent in my budget. Organic juices are usually expensive, however even if Antidote juices are cheaper than other juices on the market now, price will still be a factor. I don’t mind spending money on my health, but I wonder if I really need this on a regular basis?
  • Availability and delivery. Since these products aren’t sold at stores yet, I would have to order them online and pay a shipping fee. If I run out of them, there’s no quick way to get my hands on a new supply.

After weighing the pros and cons of this new product line, I wonder if the benefits of these healthy products outweigh the negatives. Only I can decide, but I’d be grateful to get your input. Do you think that this three-tonic selection of stamina enhancers makes sense or would you recommend sticking with my juicer? Fire away in the comments below!


Product: Antidote Pre and Post Workout Pack
Flavour: 6, Red: Angel Falls – Liver Cleanse, Mt Everest – Liver Detox, Green: Crater Lake – Sports Recovery, Mt. Fuji – Skin Hydration, White: Cashew Coconut Milk – Sleep Easy, Original Almond Milk – Heart Health
Price: S$89
Availability: Official Antidote site

Priscelia Chin

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