I have always have a love-hate relationship with wired earphone so the moment I received TREBLAB’s J1 and XR800, my heart was automatically drawn to J1 because of my personal preference for the design. Due to my excitement, I quickly tried out J1’s earphone. But, because I had never used a wireless earphone before, it took me awhile to figure out how to use it.

After figuring and trying out TREBLAB’s J1, I proceeded to try the XR800. At first, I was skeptical about the XR800’s design but after trying it out, it surprised me and made me changed my perception.

How TREBLAB’s XR800 changed my perception

Looking at the design, I had the assumption that XR800 is too bulky and not lightweight. However, once I tried it on, I loved it! It is definitely lightweight and easy to use. I was surprised at how clear and loud the sound quality is when I connected XR800 to my phone.

Even when I set my volume at the lowest and I was in a loud environment, I could still hear my song without distractions. The device clearly lives up to its name for shutting out ambient noises. XR800 comes with 3 sizes of Silicone Eartips and 3 sizes of Expandable Foam Eartips that help with the noise cancellation and cater to every individual’s anatomic features, especially ear canal size which differs from person to person.

The earphone fits in my ear perfectly and it takes me less than 5 seconds to put it on. I truly didn’t expect to be able to wear an earphone so fast. What amazes me more is that XR800 is perfect for my gym time! Using XR800 in the gym helps me a lot as the ear-hooks ensure the earphones to stay in place even when I am doing vigorous workouts.

My first love, J1

Like I said earlier, the moment I received TREBLAB’s earphones, my heart was attracted to J1. Even after trying out TREBLAB’s XR800, I have concluded that I still like J1 more than XR800. The design of J1 is simple yet sleek. When I put on J1 earphones, I can barely feel the weight. J1 is so lightweight and I feel comfortable wearing it.

Regardless if I am doing my speed runs or slow runs, the earphones stay in place. It’s amazing because usually when I am doing my runs, my old earphones often fall out of my ear. With J1, I don’t have to be afraid if the earphones will fall out because they provide with 3 sizes of Silicone Eartips, 3 sizes of Expandable Foam Eartips and 2 sizes of Ear Fins which will cater to each individual anatomic features.

A feature that TREBLAB’s J1 has but TREBLAB’s XR800 doesn’t have is the magnet that is able to stick the two earplugs together as shown in the photo above for easier safekeeping and to prevent the cables from getting tangled up.

What’s nice about J1 (and XR800) is that the battery is able to accommodate up to 9 hours playtime, which is sufficient to last me for 2-3 days. They also have a built-in microphone that allows me to answer calls easily and that they are able to switch seamlessly from music to call and back again.

Runner’s Boon

  • J1 and XR800 can connect back to recognised phone device automatically.
  • The hands-free feature allows me to handle calls without holding the phone.
  • They are hassle free; I don’t need to deal with tangling wires.
  • What is good is that both J1 and XR800 will automatically power off when not in use.

Runner’s Bane

  • The ear hooks for XR800 are one-size-fits-all so they do not fit everyone perfectly.
  • The volume for both J1 and XR800 may be too loud depending on the person.
  • When J1 and XR800 have been connected to more than one devices before, it may reconnect back to the undesirable device in proximity. Thus, I need to choose the device that I want it to connect to.
  • Treblab’s J1 and XR800 microphone is a little bit far from my mouth. Hence, I need to take the one that has the microphone off my ear to bring it nearer to my mouth so that the person at the other end can hear me clearly.

Treblab’s J1 and XR800 is available in Treblab’s online stores for US$36.97 and US$39.97! Grab yours now!

Lee Nah

Lee Nah is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing different kind of sports like floorball, hockey and even soccer! She personally believes in life long learning and self-development.

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