Are you hard to fit? I am. Even as a boy my mum complained that shopping for shoes with me was her least favourite thing to do. My sisters? Not so much. I grew up wondering why I was such a problem getting a good fit when my sisters breezed into shops and bought the first pair they tried on.

Over the years, I grew up whining about my fit issue – until I discovered Reebok. They say it’s possible for one brand to satisfy runners for a lifetime and while I admit not every pair I bought was perfect, they were close. But I finally hit the jackpot with the Print Run 2.0. Holy cow; a perfect fit at long last! Even my mum was delighted.

The brand with a plan

How much can you tell about a company by looking at its non-mainstream operations? A lot. I was doing some research on Reebok’s brand’s integrity when I came across news about the company “tackling” one of the sport world’s most serious problems: combating head injuries in young athletes.

What does this have to do with shoes? Not a thing. But I was so impressed, my opinion of Reebok doubled (read more about this here). In addition to keeping up with the latest trends in products they produce, Reebok has been quietly going about the business of inventing a concussion-detection monitor.

Called Checklight, this skullcap features a small “tail” that falls below the helmet. Kids who make contact during a game are “notified” of the degree of impact they are about to receive when the LED light turns from green to yellow or red. Since a quarter of a million kids wind up in emergency rooms with head injuries every year, I commend this effort and hope my purchase of the Print Run 2.0 contributes to this effort in a small way.

My feet are “mapped” to improve my run

Having declared my devotion to running shoes made by Reebok, I was ready to change up my old pair and get something brand new in both the technology and sophistication departments, so when I heard that the company was introducing the Print Run 2.0, that advance notice got my attention.

Remember: I’m the hard to fit guy so when I learned that this shoe was made with “independent nodes” that help contour this shoe to a wearer’s feet (that’s the mapping part), I literally and figuratively jumped in.

Tried ’em on and I got it: With those independent nodes beneath my feet, I could immediately tell the difference between my old Reeboks and the Print Run 2.0. My feet adapted nicely to the sole and the difference in the fit encouraged the natural flex my feet sought to achieve. But, wait! It got better. I can only describe the shoe’s cushioning as awesome.

With every stride, I felt confident and empowered; these shoes felt like nothing I had worn before. “Print Run 2.0,” I said aloud after a couple of test runs, “you rock!”

Style and materials don’t get short shrift

My sisters frequently remind me of the phrase I utter when a woman’s intellect, style or kindness is on display: “She’s not just a pretty face!” I bring this up to add praise to the company and the Print Run 2.0 because this shoe is quite a pretty face in addition to being a solid ride on a variety of surfaces that range from track to trail.

My feet stay sweet smelling (another claim that has my sisters rolling their eyes) because the lightweight mesh upper serves as a ventilation mechanism courtesy of lateral overlays that do double duty in the support department.

I was also taken with the cool, low-cut shoe shape that promised freedom of motion and quick transitions, and while I’m no physics brainiac, I understand how the pressure mapping technology influences the outsole that features a 360-degree dual-density perimeter that encircles both feet as I run.

I’m convinced that the Print Run 2.0 will stick around for years to come because I consider the carbon rubber heel my insurance against premature breakdowns.

Runner’s Boon

  • The lightweight mesh upper keeps my feet feeling cool and refreshed, even on a long haul.
  • The contour of the outer shoe with its low cut design is revolutionary and I’m a fan.
  • Cushioning? Yes, please! How can it be; perfect fit and supreme comfort?
  • Love those nodes – they’re the shoe’s secret weapon and do all of that mapping on behalf of my feet.

Runner’s Bane

  • New to the market, the Reebok Print Run 2.0 may not wind up on store shelves as quickly as you might like.
  • I wasn’t wild about the colour mix of dust, orange, white and black; kinda felt like a Halloween pumpkin.
  • If you don’t care a whit about the idea of foot mapping, you might not be happy to pay the price the Reebok Print Run 2.0 commands at retail.

How important is it to you that the brand of athletic gear you buy supports causes that have nothing to do with the company’s bottom line?

The Print Run 2.0 is priced at S$129 and is available at all Reebok mono-brand stores and through Royal Sporting House stores island-wide.

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