The Saucony Virrata is a natural motion running shoe with all the benefits of form and none of the strain. The 0mm heel to toe offset ensures that the landing is even with no extra cushioning elevating your heel. The Saucony Virrata is extremely light and flexible, this translates to THE perfect marathon shoe this season!

The upper has a breathable double mesh ensuring quality hold and well-ventilated feet. The tongue of the Saucony Virrata is specially designed to enhance the snug fit of the shoe. Though constructed with a minimalist mentality, this distance goer has cushion in all the right places.

The key difference between the Saucony Virrata and a pure minimalist natural motion running shoe is the 18mm layer of support. The triangular EVA+ pods are sited to ensure stride is efficient in any running form. This technology ensures the Saucony Virrata supports you, yet gives you a world of freedom to explore your limits!

First Impressions

Coming from Saucony, the Virrata will surely be a good pair of shoes. It is surprisingly light and is able to flex in any direction. The base of the shoe has a rather narrow midsole and that led me to worry.

First Go

After a quick spin around Bedok Reservoir, a jogging path not to be missed, it became clear as day that the Saucony Virrata is the only marathon partner for me. It was light and gave me an unprecedented range of motion. It worked muscles out with its free form running structure, yet was kind on my joints as I was well supported. Kicking it up a notch and speeding up hills, the Saucony Virrata held up well and managed to support the climb adequately. While I was cooling down, I could feel a mismatch with the sole. I suspect that the based is constructed 0.5 size or 1 size smaller than your usual shoe size. So remember to explore bigger sizes when you buy your Saucony Virrata.


As a free-form running shoe, it should support cross-terrain running and it does, but due to the minimalist construction, it might significantly decrease the life of the shoe. Drying the Saucony Virrata is a breeze as there is little fabric used in the upper. However, stains, mud and cuts are completely different things.

Cross-Sports Potential

This fantastic pair is great for the gym. It is stable and reliable, so you can take it from killer squats to interval weight training and not have to worry about slipping or form. Due to its minimalist construction and the pod structure, there is a high chance of wear. If your shoes have a history of “losing rubber / friction”, that problem will be of serious issue when employing your Saucony Virrata for all your running. Therefore it is not recommended that you use this pair for any sport that would induce greater sole wear than running, i.e. street soccer, basketball, etc.

Perfect for runners transitioning from well-supported running shoes to minimalist free-form running ones. Also highly recommended to avid free-form runners who need a little more support.

Runner’s Boon

  • Light
  • Feels great / well-ventilated
  • Free-form running
  • Great fit

Runner’s Bane

  • Little heel support
  • Prone to wear

Where to get them?

The Saucony Virrata is available at all STADIUM, Royal Sporting House stores
and authorized dealers (N-Zone, I Run, JW Sports, Feder Sports) at $119.

Kegan Tan

Run. Review. Repeat.

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