Simply the best, The North Face has got everything right with the Hyper Track Guide! The upper is TPU-welded through support overlays, meaning that it is light and strong. Also, it has no-sew seamless construction ensuring no string snaps and full-form durability. Most of all, The North Face (TNF) Hyper Track Guide feels fantastic!

The great shoe fit and feel comes from the NorthoticTM technology and the revolutionary Cradle Guide midsole platforms. The inside is made with such fantastic high quality materials and technology that it boosts the outer base of the shoe! With every stride, your feet are snugged, yet have the backing to go the great distances and traverse multiple terrains. The base has strategically positioned rubber outsole pods that add great grip to your flying form – abrasion where abrasion needs to be, beneath you, sending you forward!

First Impressions

I was in love the moment I laid eyes on it. The North Face is an industry expert in making the most sturdy, strong and reliable hiking / cross-terrain shoes or boots. Now, they have proven that they are style masters and can convert their winning formula into the lightweight long distance category.

The first slip in was unimaginably fantastic. For all the long distance shoes I have ever run in, The North Face Hyper Track Guide is truly the ultimate. It is like nothing that I have felt before. The material is rich, natural and forgiving to any feet. It is like the sun – all-giving, holding nothing back.

First Go/ Terrain

The supportive, lightweight and snug feel makes running feel so right. One can switch from road to track and to gravel without feeling any strain from the shoe. Through the Hyper Track Guide, no rock, sand or road can slow you down. This pair is fantastic for all runners of any ability.

Going The Distance

Taking it from short distance runs (2km – 5km) to longer distances (10km onwards), TNF Hyper Track Guide really holds up well. The breathable mesh aids ventilation. The high quality, yet gentle cushioning adds to comfort. It’s that unrelenting partner that’s with you all the way. Even in those last arduous kilometres, TNF Hyper Track Guide supports and massages your feet with its NorthoticTM technology to get you across the finish line!

Cross-Sports Potential

TNF Hyper Track Guide is great for gym and sports, but does not hold up well in bouts of high intensity small burst of action. The shoe is welded well for long distance, but not made to withstand multi-directional force, so using this great feel for street soccer and basketball will wear it out a lot faster than intended. It was made for the long haul and should be used that way.

The only partner for all levels of runners to finish that race! Highly recommended above all the other minimalist shoes simply for its excellent feel.

Runner’s Boon

  • Fantastic Feel
  • Great comfort
  • Attractive Outlook
  • Impervious to terrain change

Runner’s Bane

  • Not built for speed

Where to buy?

The North Face Hyper-Track Guide running shoe is available at The North Face Marina Square at $196.

Kegan Tan

Run. Review. Repeat.

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