As the latest version in the revamped Triumph line of men’s running shoes, Saucony Shoes ISO-Triumph is highly cushioned and ideal for high mileage runners who log long hours out on the roads. Immediately out of the box, the shoe felt extremely light for such a highly-cushioned product. The aesthetic and colours were extremely pleasing on the eye. The upper area of the shoe is seamless, allowing me to run without socks, if I were so inclined. From the second I put them on, I had high hopes for this shoe—they felt as cushioned as advertised and provided an unparallelled fit.

My Legs On Experience

As I use the shoe for running, the extensive cushioning left me without any fatigue or foot soreness. The only issue with so much cushioning is that it tends to sacrifice energy transfer and ground feeling during speed work. Nevertheless, the PWRGRID+ technology used in the sole provided significantly more cushioning while still maintaining a light weight. I am pleased that the ISO Triumph boasts an 8mm heel-to-toe offset which was comforting. However, those looking for a zero drop may not like this difference. The traction was sufficient during pavement runs as well as dirt roads and on gravel.

The fit of the shoe was exactly as promised and my foot did not feel hampered in the least. The seamless ISOFIT engineering almost eliminated friction thus mitigating blisters which is a real problem for me. This technology is meant to move with your foot and it did just that, perfectly. Of all the shoes I have tried, this was one of the most comfortable running shoes.

In addition to all the incredible cushioning I continue to highlight, the best aspect of the shoe is that through a variety of terrains including gravel, pavement and dirt trails, as well as inclines and time intervals of half-hour to one-hour, the shoes do not become untied. This is with the knot I learned how to tie when I was 4. To many, this may not be a big deal but to me there is nothing more irritating than achieving a good stride then stopping to tie your shoe.

Why Buy?

I, for one, am in love with this shoe. The Saucony ISO-Triumph truly is a triumph. The fit and cushioning cannot be beat and, of course, the laces are the best in the industry. Although the price tag is a little steep around S$199, these are well worth the expense, especially for long runs, marathons and ultras. These are the best shoes on the planet for distance running on all terrains.

Overall Opinion

In the running world, the Saucony ISO-Triumph received big accolades due to its extensive cushioning and light weight. This brand has recently snapped out of the design inertia phase thus producing significantly improved models, such as the ISO-Triumph. In the promotional material presented by Saucony, the company highlights two strong areas of the ISO-Triumph: ISOFIT and enhanced cushioning. With the new ISOFIT construction, overall performance is visible. The enhanced cushioning is especially noticeable in the upper fit and the midsole certainly boasts improved cushioning as well. The Triumph is so comfortable for me that I love to wear them on as much as I like, even when not running.

Runner’s Boon

As I have previously mentioned, there are several pros that place this shoe at the top of my list, including:

  • Continuously smooth feeling throughout the entire shoe
  • Exceptional comfort level due to high level of cushioning
  • Perfect supportive fit without any constriction
  • Shoes remain tied even during one-hour runs

Runner’s Bane

There are a few cons but they should not discourage you from owning the shoes. These include:

  • Cushioning is excessive for speed work
  • Price tag is slightly steep
Aidan H.

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